chapter 1, part 1

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Chapter 1: Introducing Interpersonal Communication : 

Part 1 (p. 1-18) Chapter 1: Introducing Interpersonal Communication

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Definitions of communication NCA Yours? Symbol usage System Message Interaction Contexts Channel Media

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Areas of Communication : 

Areas of Communication Organizational Interpersonal Rhetoric Intercultural Others? Health Mass media?Journalism? PR? Speech/Argumentation

Why Do I Care? : 

Why Do I Care? Job-related benefits You want to be part of the field! Basic aspect of living things, especially humans Tools to improve Relationships Self

Movements in Communication : 

Movements in Communication Rhetoric Public address Philosophy University of Chicago Social science Anthropology, psychology, sociology Range of perspectives on communication today Structuralism Post-structuralism

Models of Communication : 

Models of Communication Linear Interactive Transactional

Activity : 

Activity On a sheet of paper, answer the following questions: How do we engage in these types of communication? What dictates which type of communication occurs?

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