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Listening Activity : 

Listening Activity Are you a good listener??

Pre-Activity Reflection : 

Places where we must listen Places where we choose not to listen Why don’t we listen? Good listeners? Bad Listeners? Why? Pre-Activity Reflection

Directions : 

Students will be broken up into groups of 2 Students will sit back to back Drawer (Listener) Describer (Speaker) Students will be given 8-10 minutes to describe the picture on the overhead to their partner The Speaker CANNOT look at what the Listener is drawing Students will get to switch roles Directions

Objectives : 

The ability to describe and explain clearly and coherently is a very important skill The ability to listen effectively and ask questions when something is not clear is an important skill, as well Objectives

After… : 

How did your partner go about explaining the picture? How was the photo explained? Were there particular words or phrases used? Was it difficult to describe the picture? Was it difficult to draw the picture? What worked for your group? What was challenging for you? How would you have done it differently? After…

Listening Skills Strategies : 

Listening Skills Strategies Maintain eye contact with the instructor Focus on content, not delivery

Slide 9: 

Avoid emotional involvement Avoid distractions

Slide 10: 

Treat listening as a challenging mental task Stay active by asking mental questions I wonder when Mrs. Farnsworth is going to shut up!!!??

Slide 11: 

Use the gap between the rate of speech and your rate of thought Don't be the "cut-off man"

Slide 12: 

Complete the listening process Listen for main ideas

Slide 13: 

Ask questions Give feedback Whatever you say Miss McGillicuddy…

Reflection : 

How can students develop their listening skills? What are some techniques that can be used to fully comprehend material? Topic Sentence One technique Explain/Analyze Another technique Explain/Analyze Another technique Explain/Analyze Closing: Why are listening and comprehension skills important inside and outside of the school setting? Why does being an effective listener help make a student successful? Reflection