FOrmal Writing Introduction

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Formal Writing Introduction:

Formal Writing Introduction Instructional Technology

Formal Writing “No-No” Review:

Formal Writing “No-No” Review No first person! No contractions! No absolutes! No slang or clichés Do Not begin a sentence with “This shows”.

Follow the Paragraph Format:

Follow the Paragraph Format 1 st Sentence: Topic Sentence 2 nd Sentence: First expectation/ example 3 rd Sentence: Analysis/Explanation of sent. 2 4 th Sentence: Second expectation/ example 5 th Sentence: Analysis/Explanation of sent. 4 6 th Sentence: Third expectation/ example 7 th Sentence: Analysis/Explanation of sent. 6 8 th Sentence: Conclusion

The Conclusion Sentence:

The Conclusion Sentence Clarify Finalize Enhance …the skills you mentioned in your paragraph.

Finalize- NOT Summarize.:

Finalize- NOT Summarize. WHY? “These are the skills high school students need.” “These are the things students should do.”

Try Using Transitions!:

Try Using Transitions! Also In addition to Therefore Since Similarly As a result *Refer to your Transitions Handout for a complete list*

Rewrite the freewrite:

Rewrite the f reewrite Based on the video, what are 3 expectations for the future of education? Focus Structure Organization Explanations Formal Writing Rules Transitions