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Kelvin brown :

Kelvin brown Chief Keef Vs Lil Jojo

How it Start :

How it Start Lil J oJo taunted Chief K eef Lil JoJo also Associates Lil Reese in Lil Duck

How it Got violate :

How it Got violate Is When lil Jojo pull to Chief keef were Lil Reese in said F GBE in 3 Hunna in lil Reese Said “ im going to kill you”

Which one better :

Which one better Chief keef is better then Lil Jojo Why because chief keef got noticed in has more song then him

Chief Keef Vs Lil Jojo :

Chief Keef Vs Lil Jojo

Who Better?:

Who Better?

Who I Think Better :

Who I Think Better Chief Keef because He Start be for him in got more money then him in got noticed way be for him