21st Century Challenge Interface and Interoperabililiy

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21st Century Challenge in Healthcare Technology - Interface and Interoperability


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Topics in Healthcare:

Topics in Healthcare 21 st Century Challenge in Healthcare Technology - Interface and Interoperability BHIS 503 - Business Communications for Health Informatics (Spring 2012) Presented by Jayesh Patel ([email protected])


Why? Continuous improvement Business problem not a technology problem

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Interface? Hardware component Interoperability? Software component Remember?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Our Responsibility Transforming silo health information system into system of systems like the Internet or the phone system

Architecture challenges?:

Architecture challenges? Transform data collection process and data to self-decision making architecture that is scalable and technically interface compatible ? Develop a simple solution to a complex problems for overall system architecture and design


How? Asking right questions? Think simple like input, output, and processor

Benefits :

Benefits Reduce cost by uniform resources, training and technology development needs Reduce waste of natural resources


Conclusion No blame game Ask right questions Do our part


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