Que es el ciclismo

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Que es el ciclismo : 

Que es el ciclismo Joven Albeiro Barreto Aguilar 803 2013/09/08

El ciclismo : 

El ciclismo Cycling is the name by which it identifies various types of sports that use a bicycle. It is a popular activity that has reached worldwide fame to enter multiple modalities to achieve the Olympics

Para que sirve el ciclismo : 

Para que sirve el ciclismo Cycling as a sport born in 1890 but the bike has a much more ancient origin in China, India and Egypt. However, it is considered that derives directly from celerífero, it was a bar with two wooden wheels and is propelled by the feet of those who rode him. The bike, as it is known today, was completed after many improvements in 1865

Beneficios del ciclismo : 

Beneficios del ciclismo this sport helps us to develop our body, our body, is a good exercise for fat burning and building muscles in the legs, Cardiovascular, because it activates your system and burn the fat stored in your heart, your Resist acne change much, eliminates tocsins key the body need

La primera carrera : 

La primera carrera The first road cycling race was in Italy in 1870. Between 1890 and 1900 he created many tests that are now considered classics. The first world championship was held in 1893 with sprints and middle distance.

Materiales del ciclista : 

Materiales del ciclista The elements that a cyclist should have are the shirt to represent your team or country, the calotte, a padded tight pants and reaches almost to the knees, special shoes that fit the pedals and helmet is mandatory competency optional amateur and professional.

Mecanismo del equipo de participación : 

Mecanismo del equipo de participación A test in which a team of 3 members perform a sprint without prior momentum, as the rider of the first position concludes the first round the vela dome, this step allowed her 2 companions, try walking 1000 meters (500 meters for the female test) in which the rider has to start from scratch, without acceleration prevail Carrera which cover 25 to 40 km, and where the final classification is established by the points scored by cyclists in the sprints that occur every few turns and spins won

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