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What is Ketosis


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Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body relies on fat for energy. Normally your body runs on carbohydrates but when you cut back on carbs it has to run on fat. WHAT IS KETOSIS Go to the next page

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Your brain is the only organ that cannot use fat for energy. Instead it uses ketones. Your body makes ketones from fat. It takes a lot of fat to make ketones and when your body is doing this it is in KETOSIS. One way to reach ketosis is by following a ketogenic keto diet. 5 CARB 30 PROTEIN 65 FA T 5 30 65

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The keto diet is THE best diet to lose weight. It is healthy simple and very popular. I’m a massive fan of keto and have been on it for a long time. Thanks to keto I’m never hungry and keep my weight in check. I have loads of mental and physical energy too. THE KETO DIET ROCKS

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After you start keto you will reach ketosis within 3-5 days. To check if you’re in ketosis it’s best to use keto sticks and look for the top 10 signs of ketosis. HOW DO I KNOW I’M IN KETOSIS Go to the next page

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Keto sticks are test strips that detect ketones in urine. They’re very easy to use. Simply dip them in urine and check the results using the accompanying color chart — it will tell you how deep you’re in ketosis. Keto sticks are cheap and you can buy them at most drug stores pharmacies and on Amazon.com.

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TOP 10 SIGNS YOU MAY BE IN KETOSIS Go to the next page

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No carbs cravings. Boundless energy. A sharper mind. Reduced hunger. Geting over keto fu. Go to the next page

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Frequent urination. Sleeping like a baby. Feeling great. Weight loss. Fruity breath.

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From curbed appetite and boundless energy to effortless weight loss there’s so much you can gain from ketosis. But I’ll admit it — reaching ketosis can be diffcult. We’re here to help you get there easier and sooner. For more info visit www.kissmyketo.com

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