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Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.7 Veritas VCS-274 Dumps For More Information:

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Topic 1 Describe how to configure various settings and host properties An administrator wants to use a client as the VMware backup host. Where is the name of the VMware backup host entered in NetBackup A. Access Management Virtual Machine Servers B. Host Properties Clients VMware Access Hosts C. Host Properties Master Server VMware Access Hosts D. Media and Device Management Credentials Virtual Machine Servers Answer: C Topic 2 Describe how to configure media volume pools and volume groups Which volume pool must be manually created in NetBackup A. NetBackup B. DataStore C. Scratch D. CatalogBackup Answer: C Topic 3 Describe how to configure tape and disk storage Which utility should an administrator use to verify tape device configuration A. nbdevquery B. tpext C. bpmedia D. tpconfig Question No : 1 - Topic 1 Question No : 2 - Topic 2 Question No : 3 - Topic 3 Veritas VCS-274 : Practice Test 3

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Answer: B Topic 4 Describe how to configure and utilize policy attributes Refer to the exhibit. What is the outcome of the policy shown in the exhibit A. The client encrypts then compresses the data before sending it to the Media Server. B. The client compresses and the Media Server encrypts the data before sending it to the tape drive. C. The client compresses then encrypts the data before sending it to the Media Server. D. The client sends the data to the Media Server which compresses and then encrypts the data. Answer: C Question No : 4 - Topic 4 Veritas VCS-274 : Practice Test 4

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Topic 6 Describe how to configure policy clients and backup selections A policy is created using the Standard policy type. The default settings are used. Linux hosts s1 and s2 are added in the client list and ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is specified in the Backup Selection. Host s1 has the mount points listed below: / /opt /usr /usr/home Host s2 has the mount points listed below: / /proc /tmp /usr How many streams will be created when the policy runs for both clients A. two B. four C. five D. eight Answer: A Topic 8 Describe the function uses and administration of deduplication Question No : 5 - Topic 6 Veritas VCS-274 : Practice Test 5

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Which capability is provided by rebasing in an MSDP storage pool A. garbage collection B. integrity checking C. backup image defragmentation D. image deletion Answer: C Topic 12 Describe how to manage disk storage tape devices and tape media How should an administrator limit the total number of backup or duplication jobs that write to or read from an AdvancedDisk pool concurrently A. set the Maximum concurrent jobs value on the Disk Pool B. set the Maximum I/O streams value on the Disk Storage Server C. set the Maximum I/O streams value on the Disk Pool D. set the Maximum concurrent jobs value on the Disk Storage Server Answer: C Topic 13 Interpret available reports to verify and monitor NetBackup Which command should an administrator use to generate a list of all files backed up on a client for a specific backup job A. bpimage B. bplist C. bpimagelist D. bpdbjobs Question No : 6 - Topic 8 Question No : 7 - Topic 12 Question No : 8 - Topic 13 Veritas VCS-274 : Practice Test 6

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Answer: B Topic 18 Troubleshoot devices and media A storage unit group is configured that has disk and then tape listed. During a backup session jobs start retrying and then running on the tape device only. What is a likely cause of the change A. The disk storage unit is full. B. The tape device was listed first in the storage unit group. C. The tape device was listed second in the storage unit group. D. The disk storage unit is staging to tape. Answer: B Topic 19 Troubleshoot common issues related to disaster recovery A NetBackup policy is configured to back up the following paths for a client: D:\stage E:\data E:\home F:\production Multistreaming is enabled for the backups and multiplexing is set to 4. Backup streams are running slowly. Which step should the administrator consider to improve backup performance A. increase the multiplexing level B. back up only one stream from each physical device on the client C. disable multistreaming D. increase the number of data buffers Question No : 9 - Topic 18 Question No : 10 - Topic 19 Veritas VCS-274 : Practice Test 7

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Answer: B Veritas VCS-274 : Practice Test 8