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Topic break down Topic No. of Questions Topic 1: Scenario 1 "Medical Domain" 1 Topic 9: Scenario 9 "Test Management Documentation" 1 Topic 13: Mix Questions 8 GAQM CTFL : Practice Test 2

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Topic 1 Scenario 1 "Medical Domain" You are working as a test manager in the medical domain leading a team of system testers. You are currently working on a major release of the product which gives customers many new features and resolves a number of problem reports from previous releases. Explain how the above mentioned report may differ from a report that you produce for the project manager who is a test specialist Select TWO items from the following options that can be used to report to the project manager and would not be included in a report to senior management. 1 credit A. Show details on effort spent B. List of all outstanding defects with their priority and severity C. Give product risk status D. Show trend analysis E. State recommendations for release Answer: AB Topic 9 Scenario 9 "Test Management Documentation" A software house is concerned about the number of defects found in software released to its customers. They are starting to plan a new software product. In the past releases have often been stopped due to poor planning and too many defects found during high level testing. You have been recruited to the newly created position of test manager and asked to develop a test strategy manage the testing of the project and organize the resources needed to carry out the testing. Which THREE activities would be valid steps during the development of the test strategy2 credits 2 out of 3 correct 1 credit A. Identify test staff members that will be involved in the system test B. Define test career paths C. Understand the software development life cycle used by the software house D. Assess the testing that needs to be done to minimize the risks Question No : 1 - Topic 1 Question No : 2 - Topic 9 GAQM CTFL : Practice Test 3

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E. Issue the test strategy document for review F. Define a master test plan template G. Perform a project risk analysis Answer: CDE Topic 13 Mix Questions Important consequences of the impossibility of complete testing are: A. We can never be certain that the program is bug free. B. We have no definite stopping point for testing which makes it easier for some managers to argue for very little testing. C. We have no easy answer for what testing tasks should always be required because every task takes time that could be spent on other high importance tasks. D. All of the above Answer: D Fault Masking is: A. Error condition hiding another error condition B. Creating a test case which does not reveal a fault C. Masking a fault by developer D. Masking a fault by a tester Answer: A What should be the MAIN objective during development testing Question No : 3 - Topic 13 Question No : 4 - Topic 13 Question No : 5 - Topic 13 GAQM CTFL : Practice Test 4

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A. To cause as many failures as possible so that defects in the software are identified and can be fixed B. To confirm that the system works as expected and that requirements have been met C. To assess the quality of the software with no intention of fixing defects D. To give information to stakeholders of the risk of releasing the system at a given time Answer: A To test a function the programmer has to write a _________ which calls the function to be tested and passes it test data: A. Stub B. Driver C. Proxy D. None of the above Answer: B Which of the following is most likely to cause failure in the implementation of a test tool A. Underestimating the demand for a tool. B. The purchase price of the tool. C. No agreed requirements for the tool. D. The cost of resources to implement and maintain the tool. Answer: C Designing the test environment set-up and identifying any required infrastructure and tools are a part of which phase: A. Test Implementation and execution Question No : 6 - Topic 13 Question No : 7 - Topic 13 Question No : 8 - Topic 13 GAQM CTFL : Practice Test 5

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B. Test Analysis and Design C. Evaluating the Exit Criteria and reporting D. Test Closure Activities Answer: B What if the project isnt big enough to justify extensive testing.. A. Use risk based analysis to find out which areas need to be tested B. Use automation tool for testing C. Both a and b D. None of the above Answer: A Which of the following is the main purpose of the component build and integration strategy A. to ensure that all of the small components are tested B. to ensure that the system interfaces to other systems and networks C. to ensure that the integration testing can be performed by a small team D. to specify how the software should be divided into components E. to specify which components to combine when and how many at once Answer: E Question No : 9 - Topic 13 Question No : 10 - Topic 13 GAQM CTFL : Practice Test 6