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Question: 1 You are the Scrum Master and your Development Team of 6 members has completed six Sprints with thefollowing information: Sprint 1: 10 pontos Sprint 2: 11 pontos Sprint 3: 15 pontos Sprint 4: 14 pontos Sprint 5: 15 pontos Sprint 6: 10 pontos The remaining story points for product development total 42. What is the approximate number ofSprintrequired to complete product development A. 6 B. 5 C. 4 D. 3 Answer: B Question: 2 Who has the authority to cancel a Sprint A. The team members B. The Scrum Master C. The Product Owner D. The Project Manager Answer: C Question: 3 Why does Scrum prevent Product Owners from changing Product Backlog items that are being worked on during the Sprint A. The development team cannot meet their Sprint commitment to complete work if requirements are changing B. A Sprint cycle is not enough time for senior management review and approve changes C. This forces Product Owners to focus on what is really important for the team to develop. D. The development team must be able to limit the Product Owner authority

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Answer: C Question: 4 You are the Scrum Master and the very first Sprint will complete in 5 days. You are creating a meeting invite forthe Sprint Review to demo the items completed in the Sprint. Who should you invite as a required attendee tothe Sprint Review 1. Product Owners 2. Development Team 3. Business Users A. 1 2 and 3 B. 1 and 2 only C. The entire company D. 1 only Answer: B Question: 5 The Product Backlog ismaintainedby: A. The Scrum Master B. The Development Team C. The Product Owner D. The Product Owner and Scrum Master Answer: C Question: 6 Who determines whether the development team has been assigned enough work in a Sprint A. The Development Team B. The Product Owner C. The Product Owner and the Scrum Master D. The Scrum Master Answer: A

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Question: 7 The most encouraged time of day to hold a Scrum Daily Meeting is: A. A beginning of the day B. Immediately after lunch C. 4:30 PM D. 7:00 PM Answer: A Question: 8 What artifact shows actual versus planned progress A. What artifact shows actual versus planned progress B. Burndown Chart C. Task Breakdown Answer: B CSM-001 Dumps