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Let's discuss the main problem of today. We all knot that everyone loves HP products. However, if you already use Hp products and facing any issue. Now on You can contact HP extended warranty price.


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How to replace LCD inverter of HP laptop? :

How to replace LCD inverter of HP laptop? Hp is an established name in the world of computers and similar electrical devices. While getting an Hp product is quite easy but maintaining it for a lifetime requires efforts. Be it its monitor, laptop, battery, adapter, or adapter all are well- known for the quality and comes with certain warranty period attached with them. So, are you facing any issue with your laptop screen? Like it’s so dim that it’s almost impossible to make out the picture. The probable cause of this a faulty inverter that converts DC power to AC power for it to function properly. But you don’t need to worry about the same, with the technical support of  HP extended warranty cost . We will provide a brief guide on how to replace the LCD inverter of it in the following steps as described below:   Purchase the inverter online and get it shipped to you .   After the arrival. You need to prepare for the computer. This is possible through by removing the battery and locating the three silver screws uncovered.   Eliminate the plastic cover that envelops the RAM and hard drive.   Unfasten the six screws on the back. Two directly above the battery compartment and two in each corner .   Proceed by placing the laptop on the upright position. Disconnect each cable after securing your fingers on the male connector .

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  Locate the four-screen screws and remove them all. Release the clips and remove the plastic cover piece.  To disconnect the cable connector, pull on the plastic tab slowly. Remove the defective LCD inverter and open up the screen .  Put the screen back by putting the plastic screen cover in place and continue by installing the new inverter.  Finish the process after you secure the screen back to the laptop .   Finally , power on the computer to admire your LCD screen working.    Though the above troubleshooting steps would save your repair money. For additional support, you can always contact  HP charger warranty  for the ultimate solutions in the shortest time possible. You can also avail of attractive warranty offers if the product is in the warranty period. You can also extend the warranty period that is cost-effective and provides you satisfaction or relief for the chosen warranty period . Original blog source https://hpwarrantyrenewal.blogspot.com/2020/05/how-to-replace-lcd-inverter-of-hp-laptop.html

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