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Love and romance

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When Anastasia first saw Archibald she was strongly ____________ to him. He was one of the ________________ men she had ever seen. However, she had no idea that the __________ was mutual. She did not think that such a ______________ man would notice her but she lived in constant hope that he would. She realized that it was very __________ of her to feel like this and she tried to live with the _____________ that Archibald admired her because of her __________ as a secretary. Nothing else. The __________that she might be more than this had __________ never occurred to her. ATTRACT ATTRACTED GOOD LOOKING BEST LOOKING FEEL FEELING SUCCESS SUCCESSFUL FOOL FOOLISH KNOW KNOWLEDGE EFFICIENT EFFICIENCY THINK THOUGHT SIMPLE SIMPLY

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What has he done? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Archibald’s house: Saturday evening

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PASSION PREPOSITIONAL PASSION When Archibald saw Anastasia, he immediately fell _____ love _____ her. It was love _____ first sight. He wanted to get married _____ her but his mother was opposed ____ the idea. Nevertheless, Archibald and Anastasia could not forget their love _____ each other. One evening, Archibald took Anastasia _____ the hand. They gazed _____ each other’s eyes. Then he took her _____ his arms and kissed her _____ her lips. Anastasia broke _____. “No!” she said, “This cannot be. Your mother is __________ our relationship. I am not good enough _____ you. The people in the office will start to talk ________us. We must put an end _____ this now.”

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THE RESTAURANT SCENE It/8.30. Anastasia/sit/alone/restaurant/wait/ Archibald/arrive. She/pretend/read/menu/ and/ try/not/appear/worry/not/come. Suddenly he/be/beside. He/tell/how/lovely/ look. She /glad/choose/favourite dress and/put/ necklace/he/give/birthday. Dinner/wonderful. They/enjoy/food and/talk/ happily/meal. As/about/leave/ Archibald/take/ small package/pocket/give /Anastasia. It/ring! PARAGRAPH ONE PARAGRAPH TWO PARAGRAPH THREE

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