The Anatomy Of An iPod -Jordan McCormick ,Christopher Moore, Gary McDo

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The evolution of the iPod over the last decade.


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The Anatomy Of An iPod:

The Anatomy Of An iPod By Christopher Moore, Jordan McCormick & Gary McDonald

The Rise of The iPod:

The Rise of The iPod The iPod is a line of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first line of iPods were released back in early November 2001. Its most recent designs were announced not so long ago in September 2012.

11 Years of iPod Evolution:

11 Years of iPod Evolution The very first iPod was released on the 23 on October 2001. Lots of criticism was brought on this product from its $400 price to its lack of Windows compatibility. The first model came with a 5GB storage space for music, later in the year a 10GB model was introduced. As we move on we discover how the iPod changed the world of Mp3 devices.

iPod Classic 1st Generation :

iPod Classic 1 st Generation It was also designed with a mechanical scroll wheel, giving user hands on technology to browse through music. The first model were introduced with a 5 and 10GB storage space for music.

iPod Classic 2nd Generation :

iPod Classic 2 nd Generation The 2 nd generation of the classic was introduced with a touch sensitive wheel. You could now purchase these model with either 10 or 20GB storage space. Another good feature was the introduction of Windows compatibility through Musicmatch.

iPod Classic 3rd Generation:

iPod Classic 3 rd Generation Apples 3 rd generation of the classic was released on the 23 rd April 2003. With this new model the user had the choice between 10,15,20,30, and 40GB storage space. It was the first redesign with all touch interface, dock connector and slimmer case. Musicmatch later dropped with the release of iTunes 4.1 for Windows.

iPod Classic 4th Generation:

iPod Classic 4 th Generation The 4 th generation was released on the 19 th of July 2004, giving the user 12 hours of battery life. It featured an adopted wheel from the iPod Mini, hold switch was now redesigned. Later on the 26 th of October 2004 a second model was released now giving the user colour screening and photo viewing.

iPod Classic 5th Generation :

iPod Classic 5 th Generation This generation of the iPod classic was released 12 th October 2005. This is the second full redesign with a slimmer case, and a larger screen with video playback. It was also offered in black and white. Hardware and firmware was updated with a 60GB model and replaced with a 80GB model on the 12 th September 2006

iPod Classic 6th Generation:

iPod Classic 6 th Generation On the 5 th of September 2007 the 6 th Generation of the classic was introduced bringing some brand new features, these features included: 80,120 and 160 GB Models to choose from, giving you plenty of space for lots of your favourite music. It also had a new interface and a anodized aluminium front plate.

The iPod advancing music as we know it!:

The iPod advancing music as we know it! After the iPod Classic there was a new era progressing with iPod’s. This started with the iPod mini. The iPod mini was first released in 2004 and the second version a year later. The iPod mini capable of holding 4GB of memory.

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Next on the list was the iPod Nano. The iPod Nano had seven version available. The first release happened in September 2006. This version of iPod’s gained 1GB each year for every version up to 7GB. iPod Nano

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iPod Shuffle Apple released the first of four versions of the iPod Shuffle Announced in January 2005 at MWSF. The 512 MB model sold for $99, while the 1GB model sold for $149. There was no screen as it was such a small size just more of an accessory rather than a mp3 player itself.

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iPod Touch The first make of the iPod Touch was released in 2007. The hardware was identical to the iPhone, used the same operating system without the phone part. 8GB model sold for $299. 16GB model sold for $399. Audio Out was introduced to the iPod Touch which allowed you to listen to music for the first time without earphones.