The History and Evolution of the Horse

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The history an evolution of the horse. When i did this i was only expecting it to be short but it was long!


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What Caused the Evolution of Horses?:

What Caused the Evolution of Horses? By Jordan Houghton

What the horse looks like Today.:

What the horse looks like Today.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The Horse didn’t always look like this .

The First Horse:

The First Horse

Where Hyracotherium Lives:

Where Hyracotherium Lives

Parahippus : The Second Horse:

Parahippus : The Second Horse

Parahippus Environment:

Parahippus Environment

Mesohippus: The Third Horse:

Mesohippus: The Third Horse

Mesohippus: Environment:

Mesohippus: Environment

Merychippus: Environment:

Merychippus: Environment

Pliohippus: The Fifth Horse:

Pliohippus: The Fifth Horse

Pliohippus: Environment:

Pliohippus: Environment

Dinohippus: The Sixth Horse:

Dinohippus: The Sixth Horse

Dinohippus: Environment:

Dinohippus: Environment

Equus: The Seventh Horse:

Equus: The Seventh Horse

Equus: Environment:

Equus: Environment



Maps Where Horses Were:

Maps Where Horses Were

The Types of Horses Around America:

The Types of Horses Around America

Wild Horses in the United States:

Wild Horses in the United States

Now to My Question:

Now to My Question

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Thank You!:

Thank You!

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