Top Five Things That You Should Consider When Buying a Car Battery

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Top Five Things That You Should Consider When Buying a Car Battery When buying the right battery for your car you should consider the brands cold cranking amps battery size battery maintenance and your previous experience with a car battery brand. Most car batteries usually have a limited lifespan of 3 to 5 years based on the climatic conditions and the nature of your trips. It is recommended that you invest more money in a good car battery that will serve you for years instead of a cheap poor-quality battery. With a cheap car battery you may end up spending more money in the long run because you will need a replacement sooner. Read on to know the things that you should consider when purchasing a car battery. Brands Most car battery brands usually manufacturer a variety of car batteries with different quality levels. However there are those manufacturers that are known to be better at their trade than others. Although the best brands are more expensive their batteries tend to last longer than others. Therefore you should survey the local car battery store market and go for the best car battery brands. Cold cranking amps CCA or cold cranking amps of a vehicle battery is simply a measurement of the amperage output in 0 degree weather. Batteries that have higher CCA have a better capability to start a car in cold weather. However they are also more expensive to purchase. For vehicle owners who stay in cold climates it is best that they invest extra money to get a cheap car battery that has a higher CCA.

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Size Car battery size simply refers to the physical dimensions of the vehicle battery. Vehicle batteries are usually divided into different group sizes that indicate the length width and the height of the battery. You can determine the battery size by checking the car owner’s manual or contacting your mechanic and doing a comparison of vehicle batteries. The right battery size should perfectly fit in the battery tray that secures the battery and prevents damage caused by vibrations. Battery freshness Battery freshness is designated by a code on the battery that consists of both a letter and number. The letter usually stands for the month while the number shows the year of manufacture for example A/4 stands for January 2014. When buying a battery for your car make sure that you avoid batteries that are older than 6 months from the manufacture date. Maintenance When it comes to maintenance of car batteries there are two types the maintenance-free and the low- maintenance type. The maintenance-free vehicle battery is usually sealed and the liquid electrolyte is designed to run throughout the life of the battery without the need for replacement. The low-maintenance car batteries are usually unsealed and have caps that allow the user to occasionally add distilled water. Before you buy a new battery for your car it is best that you consider your previous experience with a specific battery type and brand. It is best that you go for a battery that served you for years without any issue. You can also compare the experience with friends or family to help you make an informed decision. With the right car battery and professional battery installation your vehicle will run smoothly without any issues for a long time. Contact Us: Battery Bill Inc Street Adress:- 2817 Cherryland Ave Stockton CA 95215 Phone No:- 209 941-9001 Street Adress:- 625 Sunbeam Ave Sacramanto CA 95811 Phone No:- 916 443-9018 Email:- Website:

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