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Presentation Description - In the global expansion of the digital world, MS Office has played a vital role because Microsoft introduced Office applications to the world. Ever since then, MS Office is persistently serving its clients with similar reliability and more advanced applications. Visit:


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Microsoft office is a set of computer applications mainly, It is used for business purposes or offices. First, it was introduced in 1990, office software is made by the Microsoft Corporation. MS Office helps in many tasks and improves work productivity and each application is designed to address specific tasks, such as making presentations, organizing emails, data management, and word processing, which is very helpful in many tasks and improve daily working activities. Introduction to Microsoft Office Software

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History Of Microsoft Office Microsoft is a software, simply known as Clint software or server software, an American multinational computer technology corporation whose history started 4th April 1975 and this server is developed by Microsoft. I was introduced by Bill Gates on August 1, 1988, at COMDEX in Las Vegas . Microsoft Office quickly gained on the competition, however — businesses liked the thought of getting their primary workstation apps come from one software company, which hinted at greater integration between critical applications. More to the purpose , many of those businesses were using PCs powered by Microsoft Windows (running over MS-DOS), giving Microsoft Office even more perceived integration sparkle. Companies also liked the thought of handling one software vendor, which provided simpler software licensing and support contracts. This convenient arrangement would generate billions of dollars in Office-related revenue for Microsoft over subsequent 20 years , and would effectively bury Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect and every one other comers.

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Microsoft Office has become the simplest leading platform to drive productivity reception and within the workplace. Whether it's building analysis spreadsheets in excel or managing email in Outlook, it's made completing many computer tasks at a time easier for all of us. The team of the Microsoft office is collaborative workspace within office 365, act as a central hub for workplace conversations, video chats, collaborative teamwork and document sharing, all designed to aid worker productivity in a unified suit of tools . Moving to the Office 365 cloud comes with some key features and benefits. Namely, your organization gets to  still  use the software  you've got  been using for years, but you now get to shift the burden onto Microsoft.  additionally  to shifting the burden to Microsoft, there are  another  key benefits. Generate greater productivity with Office 365 Access from anywhere with Office 365 Work with what you know with Office 365 Robust security and reliability comes with Office 365 Office 365 provides IT control and efficiency Office 365 offers anytime, anywhere access Online Support from Microsoft Easy to use Multipurpose Security Microsoft Office 365 Features and Benefits

How to Install Microsoft Office :

Microsoft Office is available to purchase directly from online or from big box stores and other retailers, You can easily buy. If you have purchased then download the software and install it. I give you some instructions steps you can follow to install Microsoft Office on any Windows laptop, computer, or tablet. How to Install Microsoft Office After the purchasing the Microsoft Office, activate and download the product. I give you some instructions below : First you visit to and sign with Microsoft account or create a new account. After create a account, enter your product key (or activation code). This product key lets Microsoft know the software was purchased legally. The key also comes with any physical packaging you receive and is included in an email if you ordered digitally. Select your country or region and language, as well. Select Install Office. After the installation file is downloaded, what happens next depends on which browser you employ . The easiest thanks to install Microsoft Office is to use the sting browser. once you select Install, a dialog window at rock bottom prompts you to either run the file, save it, or cancel. Select Run and run through the installation process. If you employ Chrome, for instance , the file automatically goes to your Downloads folder and appears within the Download Manager at rock bottom of the screen. Select the file to run it. How to Install Microsoft Office

How to Uninstall MS Office:

Pursue the uninstallation process of expired MS Office file from your device through the below-written guidelines . Press Window+ R key to open a Run Dialog Box. Type Control Panel into it. Choose a valid option from the appeared list. Navigate to Programs. Pick Programs & Features. Select the icon of the MS Office file from the appeared list. The expired version of MS Office is successfully extracted . How to Uninstall MS Office

How to Create an MS Office Account:

Pursue the process of creating an account on MS Office through the below-written guidelines . Navigate to the Web Browser of your device. Input   into the URL tab. Find and tap on My Account icon. Click on the sign-up option. Insert all the requisite details into required boxes. Select Agree on the accessed menu. You have successfully created an account on MS Office. How to Create an MS Office Account

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