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Presentation Description - Do you wish to protect your computer and data from the ongoing cyber thefts and other attacks? If your answer to this question is yes, then you will need to make a visit to On this website, first, you must create an account and then provide the 25-character activation code. Visit:


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Itroduction Of Norton Setup product:

Itroduction Of Norton Setup product : Norton Security is a cross-platform security suite that provides subscription-based real-time malware prevention and removal in addition to identity theft protection and performance tuning tools. Other features include a personal firewall, email spam filtering, and phishing protection.

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Table of Content Welcome to Norton Download and install Norton Understand and respond to threats Manage your security Scan your computer Keep secure on the Internet Secure your sensitive data Keep your PC tuned up Protect your media and data Customize settings Find additional solutions

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Welcome to Norton This chapter includes the following topics: ■ System requirements for Norton 360 ■ FAQ: Norton account ■ Norton Early Adopter Program To install Norton 360 on your PCs, Macs®, Smartphone's, or tablets, make sure that they meet the minimum system requirements. Norton 360 Premium protects up to 10 devices and includes secure backup for PCs only. It does not include secure backup for Mac OS X. System requirements for Norton 360 FAQ: Norton account Sign in to your Norton account to do the following: ■ Activate your product ■ Access your backup ■ Access or create your cloud Vault ■ Manage your Norton subscriptions ■ Reinstall Norton products by using your product keys stored in your account ■ Buy storage to add more space for your online backup

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■ Norton Early Adopter Program - The Norton Early Adopter Program lets you download Norton pre-release software and be among the first to try out new features. You don’t need to create a separate Norton account or uninstall Norton to upgrade to the pre-release software. When you join the Norton Early Adopter Program, Norton LiveUpdate downloads the latest pre-release software on your computer. What are the benefits of joining the Norton Early Adopter Program? ■ Gives you a sneak peak at the latest Norton Security features. ■ Allows you to give feedback that helps shape the final version of the product. Who is eligible to join the Norton Early Adopter Program? A limited number of paid or active users will receive an in-product invitation to join the Norton Early Adopter Program. This is the only way to join the program for the first time. How do I enroll in the Norton Early Adopter Program? If you receive an in-product invitation for the Norton Early Adopter Program, you can enroll. Join Norton Early Adopter Program from the invitation 1 In the Norton Early Adopter Program invitation, click Learn More. 2 Read the About Norton EAP page, and then click Join. 3 Read the Norton License Agreement, and then click Agree. 4 Enter your Norton account password, and then click Sign In. 5 In the Enrollment Complete window, click Close. Norton downloads the pre-release software on your computer in the next LiveUpdate session.

How to Download and install Norton :

How to Download and install Norton There are includes following topics: ■ Download and install Norton ■ Install Norton on additional devices ■ Transfer your Norton license to a new device ■ Troubleshoot with Norton Bootable Recovery Tool ■ Set up your Secure VPN

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Steps for Download, Install and Activate Norton Under  Download Norton  from App Store, tap  Download  on the App Store. ... Tap Get. When the  download  finishes, tap Open to launch the  Norton  Mobile Security app. Read the  Norton  license agreement, and tap Sign In. Type in your  Norton  account email address and password, and then tap Sign In.

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Understand and respond to threats This chapter includes the following topics: ■ What to do when your device is at risk ■ Keep your Norton device security up to date ■ View or fix device security risks that Norton detects ■ Act on quarantined risks or threats

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In the Norton main window, the color of Security, Internet Security, Backup, and Performance tiles indicates the status of each category as follows: ■ Green: You have protection. ■ Orange: Your computer needs attention. ■ Red: Your computer is at risk. What to do when your device is at risk Note : The backup category is available only with Deluxe, Premium, and Norton 360 subscriptions. Norton automatically fixes most issues that reduce your protection or system performance and displays the status as Protected in the main window. Norton displays issues that require your attention as At Risk or Attention.

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Keep your Norton device security up to date If you turned off Automatic Live Update or have been offline, you can check when you last received Norton device security updates and run Live Update, if necessary, to assure that you have the latest ■ virus definitions that help protect your device against malware, unauthorized network access, spam emails, and much more. ■ program updates that extend operating system or hardware compatibility, adjust performance issues, or fix program errors. While your subscription is current, Norton makes it easy to automatically receive updates that help protect you from emerging threats. Check when Norton was last updated 1 Start Norton. If you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security, click Open. 2 In the Norton main window, click Security. 3 Under the security status indicator, check the date next to Protection Updates. 4 If the date is older than a day or two, run LiveUpdate .

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View or fix device security risks that Norton detects When Norton detects a security risk, it automatically removes it, unless it requires your input to understand how you want to resolve the risk. If you do need to provide input, Norton displays a Threats Detected alert or Security Risk alert with suggestions on how to respond to the security risk. View risks automatically resolved during a scan 1 Start Norton. If you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security, click Open. 2 In the Norton main window, double-click Security, and then click History. 3 In the Security History window, in the Show drop-down list, select Resolved Security Risks. 4 Select a risk in the list, then in the Details pane, view the action that was taken.

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Manage your security This chapter includes the following topics: ■ View your system activities ■ View the Report Card View your system activities Norton provides information about the important system activities that you performed over a period of the last three months. Norton monitors your computer's performance. If it detects an increased usage of system resources by any program or process, it notifies you with performance alerts. View the Report Card The Report Card automatically displays all the activities that Norton performs each month. In the Norton main window, you can also click Report Card to manually open the report.

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Scan your computer MalwareBytes Anti-Malware - Full  Scan On the MBAM main menu: click the " Scan " button. Select the "Custom  Scan " option and click the "Configure  Scan " button. Under "Custom  Scan " options check all the boxes. Select the disk drive(s) you want to  scan . Click " Scan  Now" to start the  scan .

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Keep secure on the Internet Staying Safe  Online Don't post any personal information online – like your address, email address or mobile number. Think carefully before posting pictures or videos of  yourself . ... Keep  your privacy settings as high as possible. Never give out your passwords. Don't befriend people you don't know .

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Secure your sensitive data How to keep your company's sensitive data secure Educate employees on best network  security  practices. ... Create  a  BYOD policy. ... Create  a  robust policy for handling  sensitive data . ... Encrypt  your data  for protection. ... Focus on password  security . ... Be aware to prevent  data  breach. ... Introduce identity and access management (IAM) ... Apply fine-grained access controls.

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Keep your PC tuned up Here are a few more notes on each of the steps . Backup   your  data. ... Run all updates. ... Check hard drive for errors. ... Run  a  full malware scan. ... Delete unnecessary files. ... Uninstall unused or unwanted programs. ... Defrag. ... Backup again.

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Protect your media and data How to Protect Your Privacy on Social  Media Read and Understand  the  Privacy Terms. Every website on  the  internet has privacy terms, including social  media  sites. ... Site Features. ... Adjust  your  Privacy Settings. ... Biographical Information. ... Account Information. ... Friends or Contacts. ... Turn Off  Your  Location. ... Be careful about posting photos online.

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Customize settings To customize settings : Press menu, and then select Apps & More >  Settings  >  Customize . Navigate to the  setting  you want to change, and press ok. The  options  for that  setting  appear. Scroll up and down the list to select the desired option, and then press ok to set it.

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Find additional solutions This chapter includes the following topics: ■ Find the version number of your product ■ Upgrade your Norton product ■ Uninstall Norton device security on Windows

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