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Presentation Description Secure your PC from cyber-threats with McAfee. Download, install, and activate the antivirus by visiting


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Slide 1: - Download , install and Activate McAfee Product In the current day and age, over half of the world partakes in online activities. The vast number of internet users makes it the favorite destination of cyber-thieves. If you access the internet without an antivirus program, then you are sure to get your system infected with virus and malware. Even if you are not taking part in online activities, simply attaching an unsafe peripheral to your system can gain several viruses. McAfee software is your choice to avoid all these adverse scenarios. McAfee offers a powerful firewall alongside effective web-protection to fend off every virus and malware from your system. You can get your system protected from every cyber-threat and save your precious data as well with McAfee. Download, install and activate McAfee antivirus at .

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McAfee Compatibility - McAfee antivirus is versatile and can be installed on the following operating platforms : Android iOS devices Mac Windows

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McAfee Products - McAfee offers numerous products and software to fulfill the diverse needs of its worldwide userbase . Some of these offered products are: McAfee Total Protection McAfee LiveSafe McAfee SiteAdvisor McAfee VirusScan McAfee Anti-Malware Engine Core McAfee Change Control IntruShield McAfee DAT Reputation McAfee Entercept McAfee E-Business Server

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How to Quickly Download McAfee Antivirus on Windows PC or Mac Easily download McAfee software on your Mac or Windows through the following steps : Launch any internet browser on your PC. Open the link  there. Sign in on the site by entering the login credentials. “Sign In”  in case you do not own an existing McAfee account. Select: The device type you want to protect. The McAfee product you want to download. Press  Download . Read through the  license agreement  properly. Write down the 25-character activation serial key. You need the key to activate the software. Wait while the file downloads.