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Children's advocacy is a vital part of Jolene Woleben's life. As a school psychologist, she is fortunate enough to be able to pursue her passion nearly every day. She helps families support their children through proven therapies and coping skills. She's also a dedicated Girls on the Run coach.


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Jolene Woleben:

Jolene Woleben S chool P sychologist

Healthy Child Development:

H ealthy C hild D evelopment Jolene Woleben prioritizes healthy child development in both her professional and private life. Jolene Woleben helps children thrive at school and advocates for their emotional and educational well-being.

As a School Psychologist:

A s a S chool P sychologist Healthy child development is of vital importance to Jolene Woleben. In her role as a school psychologist, she provides valuable resources that help parents, educators, and children who may struggle with learning challenges and behavioral disorders.

Education Qualification:

Education Qualification Jolene Woleben has an extensive educational background in the field of Psychology . This includes a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's in School Psychology. Jolene Woleben also earned a Certificate of Advanced Study in School Psychology in 2010.

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An Avid Runner Jolene Woleben is an avid runner and participates regularly in local races. She also applies this love of running as a Girls on the Run coach.

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