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Sumerian Achievements:

Sumerian Achievements

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The Big Idea The Sumerians made many advances that helped their society develop. Main Ideas The Sumerians invented the world’s first writing system. Advances and inventions changed Sumerian lives. Many types of art developed in Sumer.

Invention of Writing:

Cuneiform World’s first system of writing Cuneiform symbols could represent syllables. The Sumerians wrote on clay tablets with a stylus. Scribes Writers Kept track of items people traded and government records Scribes could move up in social class. Invention of Writing Other Uses literature, stories, proverbs, poems, and songs Wrote about the gods and military victories in epics , long poems that tell the stories of heroes.

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The Epic of Gilgamesh tells the story of the legendary Sumerian king. It was written on stone tablets c. 2,000 B.C.

The Wheel:

The Wheel Made carts and wagons using the wheel. The potter’s wheel used in making clay pots.



Irrigation System:

Irrigation System

Math and Science:

Math and Science Developed a number system based on 60. Examples included: dividing a circle into 360 degrees, the year into 12 months, and a minute into 60 seconds. They wrote down the names of plants, minerals, and animals and used them to create their own medicine.

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Calendar –12 months in a year and 29 - 30 days in a month and 24 hours in a day. They had two seasons – winter and summer. Sundials and water clocks served to count hours.

Other inventions:

Other inventions Bronze was used to make stronger weapons and tools. Sumerians even made their own make-up and jewelry.

Many types of art developed in Sumer.:

Architecture Rulers lived in large palaces. Most Sumerians lived in houses with many rooms around a small courtyard. Mud bricks were the houses’ main building blocks. A ziggurat , or pyramid-shaped temple tower, rose above each city. Many types of art developed in Sumer. The Arts Sculptors produced many statues of the gods for their temples. Jewelry was a popular item made from imported gold, silver, and gems. Engraved cylinder seals are one of Sumer’s most famous types of art. Battle scenes Show ownership Highly decorative