Welcome to School Year 2014-2015 Students

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Welcome to “Our” Class School Year 2014-2015 9th Grade History:

Welcome to “Our” Class School Year 2014-2015 9 th Grade History Mr. Lucente, teacher

My Expectations:

My Expectations

My Promise:

My Promise


Attendance “If you are not present and on time you will lag behind.” You must be at your seat when class starts If you are not at your seat when class starts you will be marked tardy---3 unexcused tardys will result in detention If you are absent you will have 2 days to make up work or you will not receive credit


Homework Why do I have to do homework? Homework is an important part of learning! Homework will be assigned periodically. Homework is 20% of your grade Re-do’s can be done in class if there is time; otherwise, it is homework

Re-Do Policy:

Re-Do Policy Wouldn’t it be nice to re-do some historical events? In History we can always learn from previous mistakes! All assignments and tests that are marked redo must be re-taken Test redo's: are taken for parts of the test that you did not pass Failure to retake test or assignment will result in a 1(F)


Procedures This is “our” class! Start bell work for 1 st five minutes of class Be attentive and ready for “our time” in class after bell work is completed Prior to leaving class, pick up and clean area around your desk Drop all assignments and work in assignment boxes as you exit the classroom


Consequences “I can not tell a lie, I ate the apple from the apple tree.” Did George Washington say this quote? First=Warning Second=Detention Third=Teacher/Studen t Conference Fourth=Parent Conference Fifth=Office Referral

Grading Scale:

Grading Scale

“I Am…:

“I Am… I am an educator I worry that children will not reach their potential I wonder if you will allow me to teach you I cry when I see a life wasted I hear your questions and I will search for the answers I am an educator I see the potential you have I understand what it takes to be successful I want to provide you the tools to succeed I say reach for the stars and never give up I am an educator I dream one day that everyone can reach their potential I pretend to be strong when others need me to be I am John Lucente, teacher I feel good when I can help others I touch the lives of many but wonder how I can do more

This is “Our” Time:

This is “Our” Time