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Adidas Superstars:

Adidas Superstars Adidas Superstar has been a favorite (or should I say a “Superstar”?) on the court since the last 45 years and has been a staple aspect of several subcultures post its retirement from the industry. Needless to say, it is the finest design that has ever been created and has gained a truly iconic status over the years. Adidas has ensured that the Superstar will still be a force to be reckoned with for the net hundred years.


SPECIAL EDITION The Adidas Superstar has a reputation for releasing special edition models to commemorate weird and wonderful occasions such as the Chinese ‘Qing Ming’ festival, Clear ‘Glow in the Dark’ shoes, the ‘Star Wars’ edition and also the ‘Halloween’ and ‘Bathing Ape’ models. Below are a handful of some of them.


SUPERSTAR 2 The Adidas Superstar 2 (or Adidas Superstar II) was the evolutionary follow on model of the Adidas superstar 1. Moving with the times, the superstar 2 featured a softer ‘padded’ tongue for added comfort. The heel collar of the shoe is also more padded than the superstar 1. Certain Superstar II models also feature metal lace eyelets. The shoe was introduced by Adidas in the early ‘90s and has since gone on to be one of the worlds most popular sports shoes


CLASSICS The Adidas Superstar Vintage range is a re-issued range of the original vintage superstars used on basketball courts all over the USA during the early 70s. The shoe was first introduced in 1969 and were commercially available in 1970. It was the first lo-top basketball shoe to feature a full leather upper and protective rubber toe cap. the Adidas superstar vintage is characterized by the longer upper, thinner cup sole, thin leather tongue, lower heel and less defined rubber toe cap.

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