Why You Need Social Media

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In this presentation I will show you exactly why you should be using as many social media channels as possible to promote your business exactly how you should be doing it. Social media is free and it is incredibly popular, in this day and age, more or less the entire world is using social media for some reason or another. People are sharing content that they like, making things go viral. When things go viral, the exposure you can get from it is unlimited and its all free. These are just a few reasons that social media is so important and so powerful. As you go through this presentation you will realize that social media should be a staple in your online marketing strategy, especially if you are on a low to zero marketing budget. When you begin to get some traction and momentum using a consistent action plan, there is no stopping the social media machine.


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Why You Need Social Media :

Why You Need Social Media

Social Media Marketing :

Social Media Marketing Social media marketing has become an undeniably indispensable tool for many business owners, both online and offline, with a key opportunity for them to interact with customers and potential buyers and clients. It allows people to build relationships and trust with those who may be interested in buying their products, a powerful form of attraction marketing which has been proven to boost sales!


Cont’d Personally I have always liked social media as I'm one of those people who finds it fascinating the things you can do with social media, and I love sharing my own experiences with people who I think may benefit from what I have done, learn't and sometimes suffered. Its a great way of keeping in touch with people you meet and many old friends you once thought would never be seen again, although the embarrassing pictures and videos that seem to crop up of me have much to be desired

Social Media Tips:

Social Media Tips Tip number 1 - create a facebook personal profile, then create a page for your business. Don't just create another facebook profile and use it for your business, or the facebook fuzz may just decide to shut it down without notice! (very kind of them!) You will lose everything that you built up including any followers and you will have to start again on another profile. When you name the page, try to keep it short, because if you decide to go on to creating facebook ads, there is a maximum of 25 characters, keep it short so it will fit nicely into the ad, this will make your life so much easier!


Cont’d Tip number 2 - On twitter and facebook , be mindful when considering what to write and include a regularly searched keyword in your post/tweet. This will increase the chances of google picking up on it and trust me, when it is hashtagged to the max and contains and powerful keyword in your market, you WILL gain exposure.

Last But Not Least..:

Last But Not Least.. Tip number 3 - The whole point of using social media in business, should be to gain followers and the serious marketers should have an autoresponder sequence set up to receive emails. In your posts, you should actively encourage followers to opt in on your email list. Let them know what they are opting into, but once they are in, provide value, value, value and MORE value!


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