A Schema Theoretic View of Reading

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Author's discussion of Pearson and Anderson's theory


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A schema- theoretic view of Basic Processes in Reading Comprehension:

A schema - theor etic view of Basic Processes in Reading Comprehension Synthesized by: Joel J. Pineda


TASK Characterize Basic Process of Reading T MRP AoC

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Schemata AoC Knowledge already stored in the memory Interpreting New Information Part of the Knowledge stored

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Comprehension Old knowledge New knowledge

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Goals of the Paper:

Goals of the Paper Trace Historical Antecedents Outline Basic Elements Abstract interplays with the Schema

Gestalt Movement:

Gestalt Movement Shape or form Study of the Mental organization (H) Zeitgeist

Gestalt Movement:

Zeitgeist Perception, Thought , Emotion Wundt Elemental sensation Analyze, Connection, Laws of elements Gestalt Movement

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Gestalt Properties of a whole, cant be inferred from its parts Mental organization is DYNAMIC Law of Pragranz Gestalt Movement


Schema is the active organization of past experience Can be reproduced or reduplicated NEVER THE SAME from the original Based or depends on how it will be perceived by the Individual based on CURRENT Schema Barlett


Ausubel New Knowledge Old Knowledge Link

William S. Gray:

William S. Gray Engage prior knowledge New Knowledge

Elements of Schema Theory:

Elements of Schema Theory Abstract

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Abstract Summary of knowledge How much is retained (meaningful)

Elements of Schema Theory:

Elements of Schema Theory Structured

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Structured Relationshipsamamong its components

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