Lessons Learned in 2012


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How Can I Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time with Minimum Information (me & customers)?


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Lessons Learnt in 2012!:

Lessons Learnt in 2012! Jo Barnes

1. Less is More:

1. Less is More Consistency is More Important Than Quantity & Quality Under Promise / Over Deliver Curb Enthusiasm With Practicality

2. Less is More:

2. Less is More Results are More Important Than Information How Can I Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time with Minimum Information (me & customers)

3. Guard Time Jealously:

3. Guard Time Jealously Give For Free With a Purpose Know When It Feels Uncomfortable Know Your End Result Be Harsh

4. Vision & Clarity:

4. Vision & Clarity Know What Your Business Looks Like With Absolute Clarity Know & Understand Your Why Stick To It! Be Flexible But Know Your Big Picture Make It Winnable!

5. It’s Who You Know!:

5. It’s Who You Know! Network Affiliate Promote Be Inclusive

6. Think Longevity:

6. Think Longevity Treat Products as Assets Build Assets with Longevity Think Ahead

7. Think Passive Income:

7. Think Passive Income Create Low End Products in Advance Complete Before Sale Be Specific (Niche / Product / Market)

8. Take Fast Action:

8. Take Fast Action Make Quick Decisions Be Prepared to Fail Often & Fast Take Fast Action

9. Stand on The Shoulder of Giants:

9. Stand on The Shoulder of Giants Success Leaves Clues Spend the Time Learning & Modelling No Point Re-Inventing the Wheel

10. Prioritize:

10. Prioritize Know Your Priorities i.e., marketing vs content Understand Ebb & Flow and Prepare for It Create Systems

11. Become Super Productive:

11. Become Super Productive Understand 80 / 20 Create Fast Action Systems Set Hard Deadlines Create Quick Wins Stop Farting About

12. Don’t Give Up!:

12. Don’t Give Up! You Can Do This! Believe In Yourself If in Doubt Just Fake It! Condition Your Mind

13. Join Me in 2013 For One Helluva Journey!:

13. Join Me in 2013 For One Helluva Journey! www.thesocialnetworkingacademy.com

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