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PART THREE Chalice's TANCAN Maternity Medical Mission to Tanzania August 2013 22 Canadian Volunteers & 120+ Tanzanian Volunteers join together for 2 Medical Clinics serving 1900+ Patients Mbinga & Mbangamao, Tanzania Chalice is a Catholic charity that primarily supports community initiatives in developing countries through the sponsorship of children and elderly in need. We began our mission in 1996 and are currently bringing hope to over 47,000 children and elderly at 50 sponsor sites in 15 countries, with no regard for gender, race or religious affiliation. Every sponsor site is under local direction, as we work closely with lay people, religious congregations and local communities in their efforts to provide care for families caught in the dehumanizing grip of extreme poverty and lack of education. As Mission Trip Coordinator for Chalice, it is my joy to bring others abroad to experience life at our sponsor sites. By volunteering at one of our sponsor sites through our Mission Trip Programme, both you and those you meet will be enriched in a life changing exchange! ~ Joanne Albrecht http://www.chalice.ca/get-involved/experience-a-mission-trip


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Chalice’s Maternity Medical Mission to Tanzania:

Chalice’s Maternity Medical Mission to Tanzania Part 3

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Kwa upendo na huruma Tunaweza kuibadilisha dunia ! With love and compassion We can change the world!

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