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Social responsibility represents an important commitment for Mossack Fonseca and our affiliates. It is also a daily reminder about our responsibility towards society.


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Social Responsibility of Mossack Fonseca Social responsibility represents an important commitment for Mossack Fonseca and our affiliates. It is also a daily reminder about our responsibility towards society. Every year we donate to various organizations that share our values and in so doing we stretch out Mossack Fonseca’s helping hand. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility Program we actively and voluntarily contribute to the positive development of human beings especially those in dire need. Learn about our work and share in our cause. The lens of the camera captures a fair image of what we do but the impact of our work goes far beyond. Stretching out a helping hand and coming together to enhance the lives of other people is what motivates us to do more. Mossack Fonseca is committed to helping communities which is why our legal experts have provided legal assistance to many organizations including:  Rotary Club of Boquete Panama  The British Aid Society  Aero Club of Panama  Kennel Club Foundation  Fundacion Confederation Canofila Panama  The World Bank MOSSACK FONSECA HELPING HAND Mossack Fonseca has a strong commitment to foster change where it is needed most. It is a way to remind ourselves daily about the responsibility we have towards society. PIERO Rafael Martinez de la Hoz FOUNDATION This organization provides emotional support to people and families who have lost loved ones through caregiving and educational programs. The Foundation seeks to create consciousness about the internal processes that take place but are not always properly channeled when people endure loss. Its main purpose is to offer companionship educate the community by disseminating information on how to confront grief and offer training to different professionals to help them manage bereavement. TOMATIS THERAPY AND STIMULATION FOUNDATION fundet-TOMATIS The TOMATIS method owes its name to Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis a French physician and researcher born in 1920. He was also a psychologist speech language pathologist and a member of the French Academy of Sciences.

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For him listening was not the same as hearing because listening is affected by motivation and functional elements that depend on the will of the individual. Listening is far more than the passive act of registering sounds randomly. In Panama the Tomatis Therapy and Stimulation Foundation FUNDET-TOMATIS offers a wide range of programs for children and adults. The donations they receive enable them to offer free speech scholarships for Panamanian children who would not otherwise receive the timely and necessary help they require. ART IN THE PARK FOUNDATION Fundación Arte en el Parque is the first foundation from the city of Penonomé to promote artistic and cultural values in the province of Coclé and to create spaces and activities that also have an impact on cultural tourism. The VII Art in the Park Festival will serve as a forum for art in general and offer provincial artists an opportunity to make their talent known and present their works thereby motivating emerging artists who also wish to participate. The Foundation is currently offering local Fine Arts scholarships and also conducts seminars and courses for the social and humanistic/liberal arts formation of artists and the general public. SAINT JOSEPH PARISH FOUNDATION OF VALLE DE ANTÓN Mossack Fonseca is pleased to cooperate with the work carried out by Fundación San Jose located in the Anton Valley which responds to the basic needs of the local church and the neediest in the region especially children. The projects being developed are focused primarily on social interest issues education health and cultural activities for children. Foundation benefits include a library open to the public with more than 5000 volumes on diverse themes as well as 30 computers with Internet access and open spaces for children and adolescents. The Foundation has also opened a Pastoral Health Home for the elderly which has its own grove to help feed them. I am able FOUNDATION "I AM CAPABLE" FOUNDATION From its inception the Foundation’s mission has been to support individuals with autism. It also offers guidance to the public and to the families of those with this condition because if these individuals receive special care from an early age they are capable of becoming a part of society. Recent statistics show that 1 in every 88 children is affected by this condition and that 1 in every 54 is a boy. More than 50000 people are stricken by autism in Panama which is an alarming number for our society. PANAMANIAN INSTITUTE FOR FAMILY EDUCATION – IPEF The Panamanian Institute for Family Education is an organization accredited by the Ministry of Education which seeks to enrich the quality of life of the family through meeting and dialogue spaces that encourage the exchange of knowledge and ideas. This organization seeks to provide each member of the family with the tools that will help them strengthen their relationships and develop their life projects. Last June the IPEF conducted the conference "Challenges of the XXI Century Family" and presented topics such as: Keys to Preventing Failure in the Educational Project and How to Strengthen the Self-Esteem and Identity of our Children.