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JNT Marketing Group is a team of motivated working people with a vision to help people achieve their goals and dreams. By the year 2012 we’re going to help 100 people become financially free. For the average person to hear the claim that, we can show you in 90 days, how to turn $30 into a six figure a year income is unbelievable. This is a claim that not only we stand on, we’re going to show you how to do it!!!

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JNT Marketing Group have partnered with T.B.A. (The Bold Approach). T.B.A. is a 12 year debt-free company that was started in Trussville, Alabama by Multi-millionaire Fred Fitts. Mr. Fitts has over 40 years network marketing experience. He was a 7 figure a year income earner when he was a distributor with Amway several decades ago. T.B.A. has been paying checks to distributors for over 10 years. T.B.A. is also an accredited member of the Central Alabama Better Business Bureau and it provides you a world wide opportunity. T.B.A. Mail out checks the 15th of every month

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T.B.A. is one of the most powerful vehicles for building wealth in network marketing today. Turn a mere $30 into a 6 figure a year income right now today. It’s Simple, It’s Easy, It’s Affordable, and more importantly YOU CAN DO IT!!! Having T.B.A. as your vehicle and using the JNT Marketing Group System, Success is yours If you Follow The System.

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JNT Marketing Group concentrates on 3 wealth-enhancing programs in T.B.A. With each program you get a free website, free marketing tools to help you expand your business, personal development products, and your own online mall with over 400 stores to shop from. If anyone shops in your mall you receive a commission. These programs are: Beginners/5% Club: This program is $30 a month Jr. Executive: This program is $25 a month. T.B.A. Phase 3: This program is $50 a month.

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All 3 programs is 100% Pay-out!!! We’re going to explain to you what this means. Jr. Executive: pays down 5 levels, and unlimited width. Level 1: $5 Level 2: $5 Level 3: $5 Level 4: $5 Level 5: $5 $25 Phase 3: pays down 5 levels, and unlimited width Level 1: $25 Level 2: $5 Level 3: $5 Level 4: $5 Level 5: $10 $50 5% Club: pays down 3 levels, and unlimited width. Level 1: $100 Level 2: $100 Level 3: $100 $300 T.B.A. retains 20% of the gross for overhead and profits.

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A self development goal setting training guide Downloadable & Printable E-Book Written by Mr. Fred Fitts CEO of TBA Life changing training manual

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Get out of Debt Repair your credit history Negotiate a loan Invest for success Build your financial future Accumulate wealth

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Our system is very simple. All you have to do is find 3 people who can answer yes to these 3 questions: 1. Do you want to make more money and why? 2. Do you have or can you get $30? 3. Do you know 3 people who can answer yes to these questions? If you can do that, you can do this business!!! If you will follow this system and simple instructions. You’ll be making over $3,000 a month.

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Step 1: Start your 5% Club Business. This is a $299 a month business, it pays unlimited width and down 3 levels. But we’re going to come in at the beginner level for $30. Here’s how it works. 3 x $5= $15 9 x $5= $45 27 x $20 = $540 $600 T.B.A. 20% $120 $30 $450 $299 $151 3 x $100 = $300 9 x $100 = $900 27 x $100 = $2,700 $3,900 T.B.A. 20% $780 $299 $2,971 After you and your team receive your first check, go out and sponsor 2 to 3 more people. It won’t be hard because you are making MONEY!! Let’s say you sponsored 2 more you’ll be grossing over $15,000 a month. Now let’s move on to phase 2.

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Step 2. Invest $25 and start your Jr. Executive program. Pays unlimited width and down 5 levels. T.B.A. pays $5 for every active distributor each month. Let’s say you sponsored 5 in step 1 this is what you business will look like. Level1. 5 Level 2. 25 Level 3. 125 Level 4. 625 Level 5. 3,125 3,905 x$5 $19,525 $15,595 (Net Pay) Once you’ve completed this step, you’re business is grossing $234,300 a year with T.B.A Two alone. But, we have 1 more steps. Once you receive your check, it’s time to move on to phase 3. T.B.A. retains 20% for overhead and profit, and also deduct $25 for your next month fee.

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Step 3: You and everyone you sponsored, Upgrade!!!! Start your Phase 3 business along with your Jr. Executive business. Once everyone has upgraded your Phase 3 business will look like this: Level 1: $25 x 5 = $125 Level 2: $5 x 25 = $125 Level 3: $5 x 125 = $625 Level 4: $5 x 625 = $3,125 Level 5: $10 x 3,125 = $31,250 $35,250 $28,150 Once you’ve completed Step 3 your business will be on cruise control. The only investment you’ve made is $30 and a BIG why!!! This is amazing for a mere $30 investment. So now you’ve seen our system along with T.B.A. This is an incredible small investment for a BIG return. You Can Lock your Spot TODAY!!

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Gross Monthly Pay $70,725 Gross Annual Pay $843,300 Net Monthly Pay $55,845 Net Annual Pay $670,140 JNT Marketing Group will help 100 people become Financially Free by the year 2012! Join Today for FREE!!, Let’s get focused, share this with everybody, and we will see you at the TOP!! Level 1: 6 x $130 = $780 Level 2: 36 x $110 = $3,960 Level 3: 216 x $110 = $23,760 Level 4: 1,296 x $10 = $12,960 Level 5: 7,776 x $15 = $116,640 Gross Pay $158,100 Net Pay $126,110 Annual Pay $1,897,200 Net Pay $1,513,320

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