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Read our article today to learn the different things about mens suits and tuxedos that only tailors really know.


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What you’ve never been told about suits tuxedos and men’s fashion in general Overview of men’s fashion suits For the vast majority of professional suits are being something that are worn only by the ultra-elite corporate employers and employees for these high achievers suits mean a lot more than a piece of clothing we put on. A professional suit can tell a lot about a person it can ultimately set the great apart from the good. Purchasing a slick suit is an investment in yourself an investment in your future. That is something that will not change for generations to come. In this day in age though suit still exist in a corporate environment Many companies and jobs do not require that their employees wear suits. Given this shift towards a more casual dress wear one might think that a decline in suit production would be seen. Quite the opposite is what is being seen in the industry suit makers have come to realize that the younger generation are now turning suits and tuxedos into somewhat of a fashion accessory. You walk into any nice swanky downtown London bar you will find a large portion of the men wearing designer suits or tuxedos. How to look best in your suit This is the million dollar question that everyone would like to know. Maybe you are looking to impress that girl at work or trying to land that big promotion or even trying to find an appropriate suit for your friend’s wedding. As the say ‘ you can never be over dressed in a suit’ this statement would hold through for all of these different occurrences. Remember to find the perfect suit it is essential that the suit looks the part. So how do you look your best in that suit Find out more below.

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Pay attention to patterns Many novices in the suit industry might see a solid coloured suit as an ideal investment if the patterns are not chosen correctly this can be a fashion catastrophe. The best option is to always select the sharp and smart looking patterns. Don’t turn patterns into decorations just keep them moderate and simple. Getting a good pattern also puts you in an advantageous position as it can very often compliment some of your other bodily features. Single and double-breasted suits The big boys in the business world predominantly in Silicon Valley and Wall Street always wanting to look corporative and business-like opt for double breasted in most cases. But that doesn’t mean it is the ideal choice or even the best suit style type to go for. If you happen to be well- build with the perfectly aligned shoulders and hips you are one of the lucky few who will have access to a vast range of off the shelf suits. Single and double breasted suits are readily available in most high street stores if your budget allows for a tailored suit you could also delve into the world of customized clothing. The build of a suit

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There is a space found between your suit’s outer fabric the inner lining and the canvas in between. This canvas determines the final shape of every coat be it off the shelf or tailored. In many suits you can find the canvas stitched or stuck to the fabric’s outer layer. This seemingly simple canvas layer is a huge determining factoring in the price of suits. There are numerous different methods which can be used to stitch this layer one common way to determine if a suit is tailor made is to look at the stitching. Predominantly for customized suits the stitching is done by hand and therefore requires an expert this is when the cost starts multiplying. By shopping around and by dealing with ‘tailoring apprecentices’you can very often find extremely affordable suits which are surprisingly well made. Very often the best option is to choose a canvas that is semi-sewn. This type of canvas comes with fusing and there is something breathing space this becomes especially important at points where pressure is applied because of the hand sewing. The artofmanliness.com compares the difference between Fused vs. Canvassed Suits. This will be a huge determining factor in the way you look in your new suit. A suit-centered guide to wearing the best tuxedo A good tuxedo suit/tie doesn’t wear itself. Finding the right combination is a skill that very few men have mastered. Again speaking with someone in the industry can go a long ways towards making you look that million dollars. Choosing the right neckwear One thing you need to consider prior to purchasing any suit or tuxedo is the neckwear. This might depend on the occasion a corporate meeting with your board of directors a formal dinner with some of your business associates or just a casual meeting with a

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friend. Most people opt for a bow tie which are generally a safe choice. Selecting good neckwear that will match well with your tuxedo is the first step towards looking good. Choosing the right shirt For most occasions it is advisable to wear a white shirt under a black coat. People these days are veering more and more towards black on black with a black shirt a black shirt under a black suit jacket will not give you that stand out factor like a white shirt. What you need to look out for is the contrast as it is an important element in achieving the final style. The collar is an equally important consideration when selecting a shirt. Shirts with turn down collars are often a popular choice for all situations and occasions. If you decide to wear a tailcoat the best collar type is a wing-tip shirt. Worth checking out the idle man’s article on choosing the right shirt Choosing the best waist covering

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When it comes to protecting and keeping a streamlined impact of a classic tuxedo the waist covering is an important element. You can use this covering to ensure that the white triangular part of the trouser is successfully hidden away. You can go for a cummerbound waist covering. There’s also the low stance waist covering though this does not seem to serve as much of a covering. Though you have these options not all these waist covering options the end choice is up to you and what you feel is most likely to sit well with your body shape. J Marie Clothing have compiled a suit size guide to help you find the perfect fit and its definitely worth checking out. Conclusion If you want to impress your business colleagues and command respect if you want to impress the fellow go-getter friends or you just want to look your very best you need the best men’s suit or tuxedo. The best suits however are not easily found unless you search in the right places. Make sure to let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

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