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Bart Simpson’s family : 

Bart Simpson’s family The Simpsons

Bart Simpson’s Family : 

Bart Simpson’s Family Homer is Bart’s father. Marge es Bart’s mother. Homer and Marge are Bart’s parents. Lisa and Maggie are Bart’s sisters. Santa’s Little Helper is Bart’s dog. Snowball II is Bart’s cat. Bart has two sisters; he doesn’t have brothers. He doesn’t have stepbrothers or stepsisters. Bart, Lisa and Maggie are Homer and Marge’s children. Bart is Homer and Marge’s son. Lisa and Maggie are Homer and Marge’s daughters.

Cheryl Fuller’s families : 

Cheryl Fuller’s families Jane Paul Laura Cheryl Christopher Brian Russ divorced Cheryl has two half brothers, Russ and Brian. She also has a stepmother, Laura. Jane is a single mother.

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Bart Simpson’s extended family Abe Simpson Mona Simpson Jacqueline Bouvier Clancy Bouvier Patty Bouvier Selma Bouvier Gladys Bouvier Abbie Simpson Herbert Powell

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