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Game Time!:

This presentation will assist you in submitting your speeches through canvas Game Time!

How to: Submit your Speech:

First, record your speech Show at least three audience members in video Stand while speaking Meet all content and time requirements Second , follow directions to upload speech Use this as a tool to help you Use resources (ex. YouTube Tutorial) Finally, review to ensure submission Submission success is your responsibility! Don’t wait until the last minute How to: Submit your Speech

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Step 1: Click on Assignment from Modules Click Here

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Step 2: Click on Guidelines and Read them! Click Here

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Step 3: Click Submit Assignment Click Here

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Step 4: Select either Website URL (for YouTube) or Media (using canvas to upload directly) Click Here

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Step 5: Add link and submit (if using YouTube) 1. Paste YouTube link here * Be sure it is public 2. Add any comments to the instructor 3. Click Submit Assignment

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Step 6: Submit! Click submit! If you do not get this screen, you have not submitted your speech. You will need to retry and maybe attempt to upload to YouTube instead.

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Click on Intro. Speech Notes

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Click Here

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Select “Choose File” to select the document (PDF or Word format only)

Final Thoughts:

You are responsible for successful uploads You are responsible for working through technical programs (but I will assist when needing, just ask) DO NOT email me your YouTube link, it must be uploaded and submitted in the assignment tab to be graded DON’T forget to upload your speeches Final Thoughts

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