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Welcome To Public Speaking Are you ready for some public speaking? The game is on!

Course Orientation:

Course Requirements Attendance Course Content Communication How to submit assignments How to submit speech videos Contact information Course Orientation

Course Requirements:

Must Submit Speeches: a. Four total: Introduction, Commemorative, Informative and Persuasive. b. They must be recorded and uploaded to YouTube and the link provided in the assignment in canvas c. They must show 3 audience members in the video d. Speeches 2-4 must include both a preparation and delivery outline and bibliography (50% of your grade) – this must be uploaded into the separate assignment in canvas (Speech Outline) Course Requirements

Course requirements Cont.:

1. Students must complete weekly modules or be counted absent for the week – this includes reading assignments, discussion board posts, quizzes and speech submissions 2. Weekly modules are available Saturday 12:00am-Saturday 11:59pm Cannot complete assignments late ATTENDANCE: Students Will be cut from course and receive F on third absence 3 absences = cut with “F” (Failure to complete weekly assignments and otherwise participate in the course will result in an absence) Course requirements Cont.


1. Email is the preferred form of communication (fastest) 2. Expect between 24-48 hours for a response 3. Use professional, appropriate language when communicating via email or over the phone Communication

How to submit assignments:

1. Click on weekly modules 2. Complete assignments (discussion boards, reading assignments, speech submissions and quizzes) 3. Upload documents or speech, following directions provided on screen 4. Failure to submit assignments on time will result in a zero How to submit assignments

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Contact Information:

Questions??? Contact Dr. Lindsey Lewis at [email protected] Contact Information *** Let me know if I can help in any way, remember we are in this together . Email me with questions, concerns, or clarification. Good Luck!!!

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