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Social responsibility And Ethics in Management:

Social r esponsibility And Ethics in Management


WHAT IS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ? A firm’s obligation ,beyond that required by the law and economics to pursue long-term goal that are good for society

Responsibility Towards Different Interest Groups   :

Responsibility Towards Different Interest Groups Responsibility towards owners a . Run the business efficiently b. Proper utilization of capital and other resources. c . Growth and appreciation of capital. d . Regular and fair return on capital invested.

Responsibility towards employees :

Responsibility towards employees a. Timely and regular payment of wages and salaries. b. Proper working conditions and welfare amenities. d. Opportunity for better career prospects. e. Job security as well as social security like facilities of provident fund, group insurance, pension, retirement benefits, etc. f. Better living conditions like housing, transport, canteen, crèches etc… .

Responsibility towards customers :

Responsibility towards customers Products and services must be able to take care of the needs of the customers. b . Products and services must be qualitative c. There must be regularity in supply of goods and services d. Price of the goods and services should be reasonable and affordable. e. All the advantages and disadvantages of the product as well as procedure to use the products must be informed do the customers. f. There must be proper after-sales service. g. Grievances of the consumers, if any, must be settled quickly. h. Unfair means like under weighing the product, adulteration, etc. must be avoided

. Responsibility towards government :

. Responsibility towards government a. Setting up units as per guidelines of government b. Payment of fees, duties and taxes regularly as well as honestly. c. Not to indulge in monopolistic and restrictive trade practices. d. Conforming to pollution control norms set up by government. h. Not to indulge in corruption through bribing and other unlawful activities.

Responsibility towards society :

Responsibility towards society a. to help the weaker and backward sections of the society b. to preserve and promote social and cultural values c. to generate employment d. to protect the environment e. to conserve natural resources and wildlife f. to promote sports and culture g. to provide assistance in the field of developmental research on education, medical science, technology etc.