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Friends forever

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Friends give us the courage to lift the blinds on our hearts, to open up and show what we generally keep hidden from the rest of the world.

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Sweetest friends of mine. He is good athlete loves playing cricket and also playing other games. Hamesha rote rehta hai ………… We call him kkundi …………. Pyaar se. We fight many times but that is a part of good friendship Thank u for being my friend I’ll always cherish the moments in life………..  KUNAL HARIA

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He is a very good friend of mine He always respects me and even I do respect him He Is a nice person to be with but sometimes irritates a lot He sometimes try to act over smart and crosses his limit He is passionate about cricket He has won many prizes in athletics. Thank u for being such a good friend of mine…………..  NARESH RAUT

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NEEL SHAH He always says that he is the don don’t know kaun se angle se. Often there are fights between neel and jinesh , we love to see their fighting.He also often drinks complan par height nahin badhti We often tease him “ neeli peeli chaddhi ” He is good in studies and worst in outdoor activities. He likes going for outing with his family Thanks for being my friend will always rejoice the moments we had in my life……………………… 

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SUNIL SHAH Sunil is a good human being, he always like to help others He is doing his studies of mba He makes friends easily and also keeps them Sometimes he never listens anyone’s opinion he does what he thinks is right Sometimes he is very booring but not more than me………… He loves watching movies, playing cricket and eating pan…… He is always positive towards life Thank u for being my friend……………. 

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JINESH JAKHARIA He is one of the most funniest person I have met He always makes us laugh by doing unimaginable things He is good in studies but shows as he is a stupid person I love to be with him because of his good nature He sometimes get into conflict with elders , doing such things is not a good habit Thank u for being my friend and would always be ur friend Thank u………….. 

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CHERRY She is a dear friend of mine She is very good in her studies as well as other curricular activities. She is lovely by nature and always talks sweetly with others She is very sweet and nice to be with She is teased as “ bhartiya nari ” She Is very talkative once she starts talking she doesn’t stop Thank u for being my friend I will always remember u for a lifetime ………. 

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URUSHI HARIA She is best friends of mine She is damn good in dancing and drawing and studies too….. She is very mischievous, and is always ready to fight with anyone She is nice but cant tell when her mood will change She is very good looking and is sweet  I always love to be with her and like her company. Thank u my sweet friend for making my life so special and for being their for me. Thank u ………..

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These where my rainbow colors of friends what about u all “Love ur friends and make them feel special”

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