Trademark Registration and its Priority in India


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Trademark registration in India is one of the important things that can dramatically help in leveraging your business.


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TRADEMARK REGISTRATION AND ITS PRIORITY IN INDIA Trademark registration in India is one of the important things that can dramatically help in leveraging your business.

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 The trademark distinguishes the goods of a certain trader or manufacturer from other similar goods and thus the purpose of trademark is to protect the interest of both the trader and consumers. Trademark may consist of a device that depicts the image of human beings animals letters words signature numerals or any combination of these.  Since the trademark indicates the relationship in the trading process between goods and the trader trademark acts as an important medium of advertisement for goods and their quality. The aim of the trademark law is to allow an enterprise through registering its trademark to get the exclusive rights to use assign or share a mark. Closely related to the trademarks are the service marks that distinguish an en te r pr is e’ s services from that of other enterprises.

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TRADEMARK CAN HELP INAUGURATE YOUR BRAND NAME  Trademark can help consumers in distinguishing your services and products from those of your rivals.  Trademark also serves as an indication of the quality of your services and products.  When you establish a brand and earn goodwill this is supported when you register your trademark.  Trademark will also let you use the name Branded Goods that can further add value to your product.

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 Advertising your product will reach more easily when your product comes with an attractive trademark.  The trademark can serve as the most effective commercial tool that can establish your product’ s identity.  Through product registration you can expect that this will significantly increase your brand ’ s value to all potential purchasers and thus any buyer of your business is more likely to pay even more for the goodwill being built.

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TRADEMARK WILL SERVE AS YOUR BUSINESS ASSET  Trademarks are among the very few assets which can offer a long term advantage over your competitors.  Trademark is the only asset of your business that can get more appreciated in its value over time.  Trademark can provide more value beyond the core of your business and paves way for business expansion.

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TRADEMARK IS YOUR BEST COMMUNICATION TOOL  Trademark can help register the product among consumers that can help them in differentiating and selecting their desire product.  Trademark can easily wrap several technical issues in one logo including:  Company  Reputation  Services and products  Con sum ers ’ need  Trademarks can work across borders language and culture.

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TRADEMARK CAN INCREASE YOUR SALES VOLUME  Your business trademark can help you discover the essential differences among the competing products.  The brand can serve as a crucial factor for dragging the attention of consumers.

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TRADEMARKS ARE INEXPENSIVE TO PROTECT  Following a successful trademark registration it can already have an infinite lifespan by only renewing this once in ten years with the expenses lesser as compared to the rest of intellectual properties.  The trademarks are usually top of the mind address for internet users that can help consumers easily identify your product.  Trademark can give the consumers the capacity of protecting themselves through relying only on the known brands of services and products.

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 Trademark can also assure you as the owner as this will help you protect your own product from your competitors even despite their similarities. You can protect your trademark through taking the necessary legal actions against your rivals should they try infringing your own trademark. The moment a company undergoes trademark registration it will get the exclusive right for using the trademark nationwide and for every product listed under the registration.

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 Trademark serves as the prima facie evidence of its validity following registration and this can give you the exclusive right as the owner for using your trademark in commerce. Trademark registration can prevent other people or companies from using your trademark and this is the reason why trademark registration is a big must. In case someone tries to infringe your trademark you can legally fight back only when your trademark has been registered.

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STARK DIFFERENCE BETWEEN UNREGISTERED AND REGISTERED TRADEMARKS  The primary difference between protections available for the registered trademarks and the unregistered trademarks is that the former serves as a statutory remedy while the latter is a common law remedy. For establishing infringement when it comes to registered trademark it is important to establish that the infringing mark is similar or deceptively similar to the trademark that has been registered and no other proof is needed. The unregistered trademark may acquire protection where the services and goods have an extremely significant position in the market for the sales in that specific class of services and goods. Such trademarks are being used during the process of trade which is popular to the public in India.

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UNREGISTERED TRADEMARKS MAY DENT YOUR BRAND REPUTATION  There are many benefits that you can experience when you register a trademark and use the services of a reliable trademark registration and protection services provider. Registering your trademark can heighten the protection that it receives deterring others from using your own trademark and increasing the remedies in the even that someone disobeys upon the trademark.  Trademark registration is probably the most important aspect of the intellectual property protection program of any company. With no trademark registration your company will solely rely on the common law rights within the geographic area where it makes use of the trademark.

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 Most notably without a trademark registration latecomers might register a mark similar or identical to the mark of another company. This registration done by a different user may hinder the development of the trademark use of a company in other aspects or block the latter attempt of a company to get a trademark registration.  This is definitely a hard pill to swallow for companies that could have avoided such issues with an early trademark registration. If the company has registered before the other user the respective authorities would have denied the same or confusingly similar trademark of the other company. Aside from that the company would have the rights greater compared to the latecomer and will never have hindrances with its expansion plans.

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