Animal Feed Additive Market

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The global Animal Feed additive Market is accounted to $24,096m in 2017.


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The Animal Feed Additives Market is estimated to hit 30.85 billion by 2023

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Asia-Pacific with a major market share is the dominant region due to the high demand from meat producing countries and exporters such as Australia New Zealand China and India. China and India are witnessing the highest growth among all the other countries in this region. The industrialization of meat production adoption of scientific feed propelled by increasing awareness among producers are driving the demand. Contact :

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Selected Regulatory Analysis Done in the Full Report: Feed additives are used at various stages in the meat production value chain. It is used by livestock producers integrated feed producers feed mills and premixers. Feed additives are manufactured and marketed by various players in various forms such as premixers feed mills and distributors. These players in feed additive market sell feed additives directly to the consumers as their own brands. Contact :

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Selected Driving Factors Mentioned in the Full Report: • Consumer health is a major concern for many governments across the globe especially in Europe and North America. • Rapidly rising mass production of meat and meat products is an indicator of growing trend for landless meat production facilities. • Growing awareness have created a need for medical assistance in livestock breeding industry that will drive the demand for nutritional feed additives such as vitamins minerals and amino acids. Contact :

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Key Players of the ADAS Market • Calpis Cargill • Chr. Hansen • DSM • DuPont • Lallemand • Lesaffre • Nebraska Cultures • Novozymes • 10+ Download Sample Report Contact :

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Company Profile Analyst Briefing Data Tables You Can Customize the Report as Per Your Need. We have included Some Customization Options Key Contacts Contact :

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