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5 Cool things music does to your mind body – Music Listening to music is an experience in itself one that affects you and your perception of the world. And it’s not just poetic or philosophical but a scientific reality. It is seen that music can have two forms of emotional responses 1. Perceived emotion and 2. Felt emotion and tons of other physical changes of which we have discussed some of the coolest things that happen to your body mind due to music. 1. Makes you smarter: Listening to music isn’t just related to your feelings it’s actually more than just an emotionally charged experience. When your brain is exposed to music especially classical music it activates various centres of the brain which improve the brain’s cognitive abilities. In fact these dynamics can even be observed in brain scans 2. Helps cure anxiety: The heart rate of an anxious person is usually more than the average. In such scenarios listening to soothing music relaxes your pulse breathing speed and even helps stabilize blood pressure. This is why music has a calming effect. 3. Motivates you instantly: If you’re feeling low then listening to an upbeat and up-tempo number can instantly help you. The beats per minute bpm of such songs have an effect on your motivation levels which make them the perfect ‘pick me up’ tracks.

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4. Boosts your mood health: Listening to music releases a hormone called dopamine which makes you happy due to its neurochemical feel-good factors. Hence it’s believed that regularly listening to music can reduce mood swings and even improve your overall health. 5. Improves creativity: Ambient sounds symphonies and pleasurable music pieces are favourable when you involve in any creative work. They help you understand and approach your activity in a different pattern than the usual and this eventually makes you more productive at that respective task. Research also states that singing or playing an instrument rewires your brain to perform better in various aspects of your life. So if you plan on learning music and are searching for a good music school in Mumbai Jhankaar Music School can surely add value to your life.

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