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6th level students 2014-15 We love blogging!


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Sant miquel school ascó:

Sant miquel school ascó

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Our school has two buildings

This is Miquelet:

This is Miquelet He is the school mascot

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It has four playgrounds .

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This school year there are 120 children and 15 teache rs

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We start lessons at 9 o’clock every morning and finish at 12 o’clock. In the afternoon lessons start at 3 o’clock and finish at 5 o’clock.


OUR CLASSROOM We are 11 students in 6th level

English classroom:

English classroom We learn 3 languages : Catalan, Spanish and English .

Music classroom:

Music classroom This is the Music class . We like to sing and dance .


library This is the school library . There are lots of books

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We love reading


GYM We do PE on Mondays


laboratory We do interesting activities in groups .

art classroom:

There is a big Art class . We paint, draw and invent and ... art classroom

This is the canteen:

This is the canteen

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We eat good healthy meals

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There are four lunch supervisors

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all the children brush their teeth . The youngest children sleep and the oldest do homework. After lunch…

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WE LOVE BLOGGING! 6th level students Sant Miquel school 2014-15