Testing at the Learning and Testing Center LTC

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Testing at the Learning and Testing Center LTC:

Testing at the Learning and Testing Center LTC By: Justin Feliczak

It’s a little different…:

It’s a little different… For this class there are a few different steps you need to take to test for this class You need to notify your instructor when you have completed all the content for the chapter. Your instructor will either approve or deny your request for the test depending on if they think you are ready YOU need to contact the LTC prior to the test and set up your own appointment (Do this ahead of time so you can get a time convenient for you!)

Almost There!:

Almost There! If you have done all these steps correctly you will go up to the LTC in the Schoenerr Building and meet with the testing consultant. You will fill out information like test #, instructor name, class and so on. You will need to turn your phone COMPLETELY OFF and put your belongings in a locker and remove the key.

You’re Ready:

You’re Ready If all these steps have gone well, you are ready to take the test! Remember, you are highly monitored in the testing center and they have very strict rules!

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