My Favorite Philosophers

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Own list of all-time favorite philosophers who influenced different fields of study and the lives of many.


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My Favorite Philosophers:

My Favorite Philosophers

1. Kurt Lewin:

1. Kurt Lewin Father of Modern Social Psychology. Theorized that behavior is caused by both personal characteristics and the environment. Emphasis on scientific methodology and scientific study had an enormous impact on future research in social psychology. Well known for his styles of leadership.

2. Abraham Maslow:

2. Abraham Maslow Founder of Humanistic Psychology. Famous for his hierarchy of needs and concepts of self-actualization. Influential to this day especially in the field of positive psychology.

3. Ivan Pavlov:

3. Ivan Pavlov A Russian psychologist whose research on conditioned reflexes influenced the rise of behaviorism in psychology. His experimental methods helped move psychology away from introspection and subjective assessments to objective measurements of behavior.

4. Jean Piaet:

4. Jean Piaet A psychologist best known for his theory of cognitive development. Was one of the first thinkers to suggest that children think differently from adults. His concept was considered revolutionary at that time.

5. Lev Vyggotsky:

5. Lev Vyggotsky Often described as a seminal psychologist. Most of his ideas were not discovered until well after his death. He is best known for his sociocultural theory and his concept of zone of proximal development and guided practice.

6. B.F. Skinner:

6. B.F. Skinner One of the leaders of behaviorism. Researched on Operant Conditioning ( also known as Instrumental Conditioning). His work remained influential especially in the field of behavioral therapy where behavior modification and intervention are used to change problem behavior or reinforce new ones.

7. Sigmund Freud:

7. Sigmund Freud Founder of Psychoanalysis. One of the best known figures in history, but he is also one of the most controversial. The legacy of his life and work provokes both impassioned acclaim from his supporters and disdain from his detractors.

8. Erik Erikson:

8. Erik Erikson Well-known for his theory of psychosocial development. He was an ego psychologist who studied with Anna Freud, Erikson expanded psychoanalytic theory by exploring development through the life , including events of childhood, adulthood and old age.

9. Carl Jung:

9. Carl Jung A Swiss psychiatrist who founded the school of thought known as the Analytical Psychology. He is known for his concepts of archetypes and the collective unconscious.

10. Albert Bandura:

10. Albert Bandura A psychologist known for his famous “ Bobo Doll” experiment as well as his concepts of self-efficacy and social learning. His work is considered part of the cognitive revolution in psychology that began in the late 1960s. Impact on personality psychology, cognitive psychology, education, and therapy.

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