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Short presentation on tower cranes and safety issues concerning them


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Tower Crane Safety : 

Tower crane is a large lifting device used on the larger construction sites for lifting & moving construction materials and machines, such as steel structures, concrete slabs, various construction machines and others. Tower Crane Safety

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Falling Of The Load. Tower cranes are widely used on construction projects and represent two hazards: Collapse Of The Crane;

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Tower crane accidents happen during erection, operation, height extension and dismantling, and cause very serious injuries, or even death. So, the tower cranes represent a potential hazard for the owners and the employees. The law states that lifting operations must be properly planned, operated by a competent person, properly supervised and performed in the safest manner possible.

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The tower crane operator must know all the functions, limits and whole working principle of tower cranes, are just few of the many responsibilities that a tower crane operator has. A tower crane should be erected and dismantled by competent personnel, engineer or well-trained person for tower cranes.

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A qualified and well-trained person can only operate a tower crane. Also, that person should have physical strength, exceptional sight and hearing, able to adjust on any type of weather condition and prepared to work overtime shifts. The tower crane operator should perform a regular inspection of his machine and be given by his employer enough time to perform it.

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Creating A Safe System Of Working; Planning The Lifting Operations; Proper Supervision Of The Lifting Operations; For safe use of tower cranes, there are four important aspects that need to be considered: Thorough Examination.

Planning The Lifting Operations : 

Every lifting operations should be planned, so it will be carried out in the safest way possible with minimum risks. The plan should address the possible risks, required resources, procedures and the responsibilities of the tower crane operators. Planning The Lifting Operations

Creating A Safe System Of Working : 

The safe system of working includes: An operational plan; Proper usage of the tower crane; Maintaining tips; Preventive tips for unauthorized usage of the tower crane; Supervision of lifting operations by authorized personnel; Creating A Safe System Of Working

Proper Supervision Of The Lifting Operations : 

Proper Supervision Of The Lifting Operations Proper supervision of every lifting operation is required to reflect the degree of risk and personnel involved in specific operation. That crane supervisor should also direct and make sure that the lifting operation is carried out as supposed.

Thorough Examination : 

The tower crane needs to be completely examined by a competent person. Usually, the thorough examination is performed by crane hire company, but the tower crane operator needs to know the records of the thorough examination must be readily available to enforcing authorities, secure and capable of being reproduced in written form. Thorough Examination

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