Triphlax-750- Nature’s Detoxification Agent

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Herbs and their components have been used since time immemorial for treating diseases and for maintaining homeostasis. Triphala is a mixture of fruits of three plants namely Emblica officinalis (Family Euphorbiaceae), Terminalia bellerica (Family Combretaceae), and Terminalia chebula (Family Combretaceae).


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slide 2: Triphlax-750- Nature’s Detoxification Agent Herbs and their components have been used since time immemorial for treating diseases and for maintaining homeostasis. Triphala is a mixture of fruits of three plants namely Emblica officinalis Family Euphorbiaceae Terminalia bellerica Family Combretaceae and Terminalia chebula Family Combretaceae. All these plants are native to South Asia and have been in use in traditional medical practices in the region for hundreds of years. Triphala means the essence of three fruits in Sanskrit and the actions of ingredients of these three fruits complement one another. The great Indian physician Charak in his medical treatise Charak Samhita has explained in great detail the properties of Triphala and said that it is an elixir for long life devoid of diseases and ailments. Triphala is a mixture of fruits of Amalaki or the Indian Gooseberry Bibhitaki and Haritaki in equal proportions. Both Ayurveda and modern medical science are unison in admitting that health and disease starts in the gut. The gut is a region which performs a number of functions which include mastication emulsification digestion and finally absorption of essential nutrients before elimination of the useless substances in the form of excreta. Any disturbance in the functioning of the gut can have debilitating consequence and the human body is afflicted with disease. Triphala has varied therapeutic uses and it has been used since time immemorial and its use has been mentioned in Ancient Ayurvedic texts and medical literature. The laxative action of Triphala is well known but it has a host of other uses also. It is also known for its appetite stimulating activity. Triphala is known to promote the microflora in the gut to release a number of anti-inflammatory compounds. Triphala contains a number of polyphenols which aids in the growth and development of good bacteria like Lactobacillus and help to maintain the pH of the gut optimizing absorption of essential nutrients. The major constituents of Triphala are tannins different organic acids and bioactive components which are well known for their antioxidant properties. The organic acids are converted into bioactive components in the gut which have demonstrated their ability to preempt oxidative damage in vitro studies.

slide 3: Triphala is best known for its ability to maintain gastrointestinal health. Animal studies have revealed that its aqueous extracts prevents diarrhea. Triphala has been found to reduce constipation and regularize intestinal motility and peristalsis. It also exhibits gastroprotective effect and could prevent ulcers. Use of Triphala is highly recommended in patients with gastrointestinal disorders. It regular use reduced hyperacidity reflux oesophagitis abdominal pain and improved yield and consistency of stool. It is regularly prescribed for cleansing the gut of unwanted toxins. Triphlax-750 is an ancient formula for blood purification organ cleansing and colon detoxification. In our modern toxic environment the importance of keeping the colon clear of residual putrefactive material through regular detoxification has come to the forefront. Triphlax-750 provides this ancient Triphala formulation a unique cleansing tonic that aids in digestion bowel regularity and ultimately cleansing and whole-body health. Triphlax-75 is triphala the time-tested combination of Emblica officinalis “Amla” in Hindi Terminalia belerica “Bihara” and Terminalia chebula “Harada” used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to help support healthy colonic detoxification and digestion. If youre looking for more information on Natural Health Supplements read blog and various individual product pages to reach about specific supplement.

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