Did You Tried Green Tea, Know The Benefits

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What makes green tea a favorite? The innumerable health benefits that come along with these unwither little leaves!


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aor.us Did You Tried Green Tea Know The Benefits What makes green tea a favorite The innumerable health benefits that come along with these unwither little leaves Even before green tea was commercialized several countries apart from China have touted the life-affirming and sometimes life-saving advantages of this particular tea. To be true it can be referred to as the healthiest beverage you can have. However if you haven’t gulp down the soothing sips of green tea yet you are missing out on major benefits. Given below are the supreme advantages that can be imbibed in with this beverage. Starting with Frazzled Nerves A cup of green tea can calm the nerves at a great extent. Keeping the brain relaxed green tea leaves can increase your concentration level. Scientists said it is due to the presence of L-theanine people get a soothing effect on their nerves. Moreover this amino acid also modifies the conventional stimulating effects of caffeine and thus promotes relaxation at par. Several studies have also revealed that green tea or its supplements can help in reducing the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Now Comes the Brain What’s good for the nerves is usually good for the brain. Therefore green tea has unprecedented benefits on the central nervous system of humans. Studies conducted at different levels have proved that drinking green tea regularly can eliminate oxidative stress to a great extent. There are more to this: a. Presence of theanine promotes the regeneration of neurons b. Memory seems to get improved as there are catechins in green tea c. Green tea also prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter to improve memory Some More Health Benefits ● Promotes Heart Health Having two cups of green tea can dramatically reduce the risk of heart attacks by 36. This is a completely evidence-based study. Green tea lowers the level of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Furthermore the presence of epigallocatechin gallate EGCG helps in preventing the formation of plaque in the arteries. Therefore save your heart with sips of green tea daily.

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aor.us ● Helps to Fight Obesity Obesity is a universal problem which in turn adds up to several more health disorders. Obesity is directly associated with cardiovascular problems and type 2 diabetes among adults. If you are trying to find a quick way to shed off extra pounds drinking green tea is the simplest way. The catechins help in suppressing appetite by altering the release of ghrelin. Ghrelin aka ‘hunger hormone’ is the reason to boost unwanted hunger pangs. So sipping in the tea will help you to eat only what is required to nourish your body. ● Improves Eye Health Thanks to catechins once again This natural antioxidant belonging to the phenol group helps to protect eyesight at large. In fact green tea can protect vision loss by minimizing oxidative stress. The chemicals reach the tissues of eyes directly and thus the benefits. ● Brings Stability in Blood Sugar Normalize your blood sugar with green tea. The tea leaves consist of anthocyanins which reduce the glycemic response in the body. If you high on blood sugar cut down the risk of Type 2 diabetes with at least a cup of green tea every day. So next time you are planning to have a cup of tea make sure to have the best choice. Needless to say a hot cup of stress-relieving green tea can do wonders beyond the usual. If youre looking for more information on Natural Health Supplements read http://aor.us blog and various individual product pages to reach about specific supplement.

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