8 Tips To Boost Your Reproductive Health

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Knowledge of reproductive health among men & women is low. However, in order to have a healthy lifestyle, paying heed to reproductive and sexual health is of utmost importance. People need to understand the fundamentals of reproductive health.


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aor.us 8 Tips To Boost Your Reproductive Health Knowledge of reproductive health among men women is low. However in order to have a healthy lifestyle paying heed to reproductive and sexual health is of utmost importance. People need to understand the fundamentals of reproductive health. According to the definition of medical science this particular department deals with functions and processes of the overall reproductive system. Scientists and doctors also say good reproductive health also implies a safe satisfying sex life with the capability of reproduction. However owing to several reasons people often overlook their health and go through a phase of infertility. This phase may continue for a small period if proper steps are adopted. Here are the top tricks one can implement to alleviate his or her fertility health. 1. Stay Low on Alcohol Too much consumption of alcohol is one of the main reasons that attribute to poor fertility. In fact multiple studies have revealed that alcohol causes infertility in both men women. It alters the level of testosterone in men progesterone estrogen in women. People who are planning their family should cut down alcohol consumption. Especially women need to stop alcohol prior to the onset of conception. 2. Fruits are More Fruits Eating plenty of fruits containing antioxidants and phytonutrients can alleviate one’s fertility health. Several biological and environmental factors render to oxidative stress which is another reason to poor reproductive health. By eating more more fruits individuals can eliminate those stressors with ease as most of the fruits have super antioxidant properties. Apart from maintaining a healthy lifestyle eating fruits also make conceiving easier. 3. Reduce Caffeine Caffeine is largely responding for deteriorating both the genders’ fertility health and rate. A lot of accumulated studies have revealed that intake of caffeine affects the following aspects: a. Sperm count in men b. Disrupt the natural rhythm of fallopian tubes c. Sperm motility d. Increase the level of cortisol by decreasing the sex hormones For those yearn coffee should make a habit of having it in decaf form. Moreover switching to tea also makes sense as the caffeine content is lower than coffee. Having green tea can also boost the reproductive health of men and women.

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aor.us 4. More Iron Getting enough iron is vital for the women especially the ones who experience heavy bleeding during menstruation. Heavy blood loss in clots flesh leads to depletion of iron to a great extent. Therefore women should keep substantial iron in their daily diet especially before and after pregnancy to avoid anemia and fatigues. 5. Keep a Watch on Weight It has been time and again proved that obesity is associated with infertility. However a large number of people are dealing with obesity due to improper lifestyle. Doctors always recommend keeping a BMI below 30 to both men women in order to maintain a healthy weight. For low content of unsaturated fat sugar improves fertility in both the sex. 6. Try Supplements Having D-AA Individuals can also rely on dietary supplements containing D-aspartic acid or D-AA. It is a form of amino acid that is mainly present in the reproductive glands of men. Supplements of these sorts are made up of plants and natural ingredients and are completely free from any side effects. A study stated men who faced infertility issue witnesses surge in testosterone by 45 after taking in the supplements for 2 weeks. That’s a real escalation 7. Get Substantial Vitamin C ROS also known as reactive oxygen species are constantly formed in the body which may affect the fertility rate in men. Several observational studies showed that taking in Vitamin C its supplements can improve the reproductive health in men to a great extent. 8. Quit Smoking Smoking kills Really it does According to a recent survey 13 of people facing issues with infertility are chain smokers. The scariest data also revealed that infertility is twice in smokers than non smokers. The chemicals that remain in cigarettes are hazardous to ovum and sperm. The consequences can be so severe that even fertility treatment can’t redeem the condition. Therefore quitting smoking is the wisest decision one can take in his or her life to enjoy sound reproductive health.

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aor.us Final Thought Reproductive health has become a universal concern for both men and women. It is to be understood that at each stage of life reproductive physiology has its unique needs. And they should be fulfilled for future well-being. Harnessing the tips can greatly ameliorate one’s fertility condition by leaps and bounds. So if you are facing any issues related to fertility consider all these evidence-based hacks to enjoy a better life. If youre looking for more information on Natural Health Supplements read http://aor.us blog and various individual product pages to reach about specific supplement.

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