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6 STEPS FOR FILING A PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM 1. DETERMINE IF YOU HAVE A CASE If you have been injured because of another partys negligence you have grounds for a lawsuit. 2.GATHER EVIDENCE Anything that might prove negligence should be turned over to your lawyer. police report medical bits photos etc. 3. CONTACT A PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER Contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following the accident. 4. DISCLOSE THE FACTS WITH YOUR LAWYER Be sure not to present misleading information. Honesty is absolutely necessary and very critical. 5. DISCUSS A SETTLEMENT VS. GOING TO COURT In a settlement each party will settle on a compensation amount without going to court. Going to court may take longer but could result in higher compensation. 6. FILE A LAWSUIT Your personal injury lawyer will file the lawsuit on your behalf if you choose to go to court. Paciocco Mellow 995 Howard Avenue Windsor Ontario N9A 1S4 PH : 519-915-7673