13 Types of Drawing Techniques

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13 Types of Drawing Techniques:

13 Types of Drawing Techniques SHOWFLIPPER PRESENTS

Automatic Drawing:

Automatic Drawing Developed by surrealists to express the subconscious mind. Drawing is free of rational control where the hand moves freely and mark making is largely influenced by chance and accident. 3/23/2018 2 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation

Blind Contour Drawing:

Blind Contour Drawing This technique involves drawing outline of the subject without looking at the paper or medium on which it is drawn. 3/23/2018 3 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation

Contour Drawing:

Contour Drawing This technique is the creation of outlines of the subject like a sketch, which is plain and simple an outline. The prime focus in on mass and volume rather than details. 3/23/2018 4 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation


Chiaroscuro Renaissance technique where dark and light contrast is used to create a 3D drawing with dramatic effect. The principle of this art is the solidity of the subject is best achieved when light falls against. 3/23/2018 5 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation


Grisaille This technique mainly uses grey and shades of grey as medium. Is widely used as “under-painting” for oil paintings or to imitate sculptures in drawing. 3/23/2018 6 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation


Hatching Technique used to create tonal or shading effect by drawing closely spaced parallel lines. When lines are place at angles to each other, the technique is called cross-hatching. 3/23/2018 7 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation


Masking This technique is used represent subject as realistic as it is. Used mainly in cartoons or graphics or illustrations. 3/23/2018 8 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation

Mass Drawing:

Mass Drawing Technique used to render solidarity of subject to tone or color, without more emphasis on line or edge. Also called weight and modeled drawing, this is the basic exercise in figure drawing. 3/23/2018 9 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation


Screentone This technique applies textures and shades to drawing. Often an alternative to hatching. 3/23/2018 10 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation


Scribble Also alternatively called as a “doodle”, this technique is simple drawing with concrete meaning. The drawing device is hardly lifted off the medium. 3/23/2018 11 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation


Stippling This technique stimulates varying degrees of solidarity and/or shading by small dots. 3/23/2018 12 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation

Trois Crayons:

Trois Crayons As name suggests, it is drawing made using three colors – red, black and white. Medium used is either blue, grey or tan. 3/23/2018 13 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation


Dry-brush This technique uses a paint brush that has very little color. Resulting drawing texture is scratchy. Can be achieved with water-based and oil-based media. 3/23/2018 14 www.showflipper.com | Company Presentation

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