Teaching approaches and methods

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Teaching approaches and methods:

Teaching approaches and methods


APPROACH – is a set of assumptions that define belief and theories about the nature of the learners and the process of learning. METHODS – is an overall plan for systematic presentation of a lesson based upon the selected approach. TECNIQUES – are the specific activities manifested in the classroom that are consistent with a method and therefore in harmony with an approach as well.

The teaching approaches to the k to 12 on the principle cited ::

The teaching approaches to the k to 12 on the principle cited : Learners centered - in this instruction, choice of teaching method and technique with the learner as the primary consideration. 2. Inclusive - means that no student is excluded from the circle of learners.


3. Developmentally appropriate - the task required of students are within their developmental stages. 4. Responsive and relevant - if more making the teaching more meaningful. 5. Research based - the teaching approach is more interesting, updated, more convincing and persuasive if it is informed by researched.


6. Culture sensitive - one is mindful of the diversity of cultures in the classroom. 7. Contextualized and global - make teaching more meaningful by putting the lessons in a context . 8. Constructivist - is one in constructivist in teaching approach, he believes that students learn by building upon their prior knowledge.


9. Inquiry based and reflective - this approach is the core of the learning process. 10. Collaborative - approach involves group of students or teachers and students working together to learn together by solving a problem. 11. Integrative 12. Spiral progression approach 13. MTB-MLE based - Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education - teaching is done in more than one language.

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