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Introduction to WebQuest Project


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Webquest Topic Presentation : 

Webquest Topic Presentation Bones and Muscles Webquest By Jennifer Schmitter

Introduction : 

Introduction It will include a description of the basic types of bones and muscles found in the human body The function of muscles and bones will also be explained Fun Facts Objective: The students will be able to classify the different bones and muscles based on structure which will help them identify the function and/or location of the bone or muscle.

Task : 

Task The students will be divided into groups of 4 and given specific roles to fill. They will be given case studies that will require them to research the bone and muscle structures in order to diagnose and provide a prognosis for the case study they are assigned.

Process : 

Process Students are provided with: An Introduction on bones and muscle types Group members Assigned roles Case studies Resources such as medical and science-based websites

Evaluation : 

Evaluation The students will be evaluated through their actual assessments of the case studies

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Summarize objective and what students should have learned Leave students with an open-ended, thought-provoking question regarding the variety of bone and muscle types

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