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Ipads in the classroom:

Jenny Wronski EDCO 549 Azusa Pacific University Professor Block Ipads in the classroom

A complete description of the technology:

A complete description of the technology iPad apps are expanding the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. From interactive lessons to study aids to productivity tools, there’s something for everyone . With iPad , the classroom is always at your fingertips. Right now at the App Store, there are thousands of apps available to download. Students can track their assignments, take notes, and study for finals. Teachers can give lessons, monitor progress, and stay organized .

PowerPoint Presentation:

iWork for iPad : Pages, Keynote, and Numbers The three iWork productivity applications help students and teachers put together professional-looking documents, presentations, and spreadsheets no matter where they are. Pages is a powerful word processor with simple-to-use layout tools and a large onscreen keyboard. With Keynote , it’s easy to create presentations with animations and effects. And Numbers lets students and teachers build spreadsheets, including tables and charts. When you finish what you’ve been working on, use AirPrint to print it out directly from your iPad . (source: )

How it is useful:

How it is useful More interaction ex. taking the iPads on a field trip to a bird sanctuary, where they can use both the free iBird app as well as the Audubon bird app to identify birds. (source: http:// /) Group work - it adds a lot more flexibility and customization to group work, and the iPad is portable so it is easy to pass from group to group. Touch screen books iPads are cheaper than computers, desktop or laptop, and they are more mobile.


Apps Students can use the Clineometer app for measuring the level of a wall, or surface, and also the precise angles of incline, or decline. With the internal accelerometers in the iPad , physics experiments of acceleration or change in force can be measured. As a completely portable learning tool, the iPad camera allows documentation to be taken to a whole different level. An app called Field Notes LT not only allows students to take copious notes of their observations, it attaches the date, time, GPS location and photographs of what is observed. These notes can be instantly shared, collaborated, and published in the field. Evernote will help students keep track of their notes and Mendeley will organize their research documents and let them take their research done on their computers with them, wherever they are going. The Project Gutenburg allows students to download thousands of classic books to be read on any number of free book reader apps available. (source: /)

What contributions does it provide that didn't previously exist:

What contributions does it provide that didn't previously exist Flexibility Customization More resources Apps – ( Ipad Apps improve learning) Time convenience T he mobility provided by the iPad's wireless connection gives access to the Internet anywhere students are. As questions arise, students can google for clues and insights to begin their studies. S tudents can have access to volumes of primary source documents and data to help in their investigations in or out of the classroom, on the bus, in a restaurant, or at the football game.

How is it useful to counselors?:

How is it useful to counselors? Adam Clark the student counselor at Yokohama International School is piloting a program on the benefits (if any) of using an ipad for his work with students. Adam has published some of his findings thus far on his blog Freedom Philosophy in an article “Two Essential Tools for Counseling” .

Future implications:

Future implications iPads will likely replace textbooks in the near future Ipads can allow for class discussion outside of the classroom. Homework can be submitted online Ipads have the potential to replace paper assignments


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