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This video explains how to create and edit pages and how to create internal wiki links to create your own navigation menu


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Wikispaces Getting started on your group project

Wikispaces Login:

Wikispaces Login

Wikispaces EDN113 home page:

Wikispaces EDN113 home page

Create a new wiki page:

Create a new wiki page Create a new wiki page Click on + (plus) icon next to Pages and Files Type in new page name Add Tags. Ensure you add home_page , so that your home page is added to the list of home pages. Separate each tag with a comma Click on Create button

Edit wiki page:

Edit wiki page Use the toolbar at the top of the page to format your text, insert hyperlinks, upload files etc. Type in text Upload files (images, pdf etc ) Save the page when you are finished

Create navigation links:

Create navigation links Create a wiki link Select text Click on link icon Choose an existing page Click on Add link button

Navigation menu:

Navigation menu Create all new pages (e.g., Task, Resources, Teacher Info etc.) Type names for navigation bar at the top of the page Link each page (Wiki link shown on previous page)


Notes You cannot rename or delete a page. Contact Dani or Jenni to rename or delete pages External links should “open in a new window”

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